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    I would like to share my experiences both good and bad. I would like to talk/chat with people who really understand and appreciate what I am and have been going through. I have so much to talk about but no one to talk to about it. I also feel that I could share some great information with others with cancer.

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      Welcome to WhatNext. I think it is wonderful that you want to share your experiences. I suggest that you click on "see more" in the "People Most Like You" box to the right. These are people who share a simile diagnosis and will be able to relate to your specific circumstances.

      Also, you may want to check out our Questions section by clicking on "questions" in the purple bar above. You can provide insight when you had some. And on the far right you can click on your diagnosis of interest and see that questions that have been asked by others with that diagnosis.

      I hope this helps you to get started. Please let me know if you have any other questions or need additional support. Thank you for being here.

      over 8 years ago