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    Well, I thought I was going into acute leukemia phase, had bone marrow bx, and it showed no progression to this. I thank God, it hasn't progressed...I have been diagnosed with MDS/MPD (with jak 2 mutation) 18 months ago...I am still having trouble with treatments...have been on procrit sub q injections to raise the rbc count. High doses make me very sick, (I have lost 50# since dx) and the smaller doses, do not raise the counts to high enough levels...I was told this disease process usually progresses to acute leukemic phase in 3-5 yrs from diagnosis, due to having both mds/mpd at the same time, it is really unknown...my oncologist says there are only 3 options left available to me, blood transfusions, iv vidaza, (chemo), or bone marrow transplant...I see the bone marrow specialist Dec 29th, to be put back on the list, looking for an unrelated donor. Two siblings match each other, but not me...2 other siblings have had breast and colon cancer, and are unable to be donors...The fatigue and weakness that occur with low counts is most troublesome, especially while I was working...I have worked full time, until recently, and am currently on medical leave, to restore strength, reduce stress, and receive blood transfusions, (as needed)...I am writing this update, hoping to find others who have this type of blood cancer...I have not seen any posts in regards to it, so, if you are out there, and would like to share your experiences, please post and follow...I would love to see how others are coping with this early, yet very difficult, part of the disease process...God Bless, Vickie