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    Wayne is losing his battle against cancer and chemo is no longer an option. His spirit is amazing and every day he tells me, "don't worry babe, tomorrow is going to be a better day". He has never once complained of the pain says, tells me, "there are so many people worse off than me." We have been trying palliative care at home, however bouts of GI bleeding, paracdentisis, blood transfusions, pnuemonia and not being able to hold his meds down lead us back to the hospital. He was admitted at Kona Hospital again yesterday, the 5th time this month.
    It is heart breaking to watch the one you love go through this. Oh how I how I wish I had a magic wand. Some days I just shake my self, thinking I'll wake up from this really bad dream. In the beginning, when Wayne was diagnosed, I asked my self over and over, "would I rather lose some one suddenly, or know that it was coming? My answer is I'd rather know that is was coming . . . I will have no regrets or any " I wish I would ofs, should ofs and could ofs".
    One year ago today, I was in the the hospital with my stroke and it was one year ago today I quit smoking. I remember making party favors out of bed pans and blowing up latex gloves. (I'll have to find that picture) Off to the hospital shortly for a New Years Eve date my man, the most amazing person I've ever met. Happy New Years and cherish the ones you love.

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      I'm so sorry. What a nightmare, a never ending one. Enjoy your date and spend as much quality time with him as you can!!!

      about 9 years ago
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      The truth is you are both in this together, for my part I would rather have this illness than watch a loved one go through it. It is your love that will get you through these dark days and give you the strength to stand beside Wayne in his time of need. Say the things you need to say for this time is presious and you shall have no regrets becuase you are giving all you have to give just by being by his side.

      Take care,


      about 9 years ago
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      I hope your date went well. Wishing the best for Wayne. Did you happen to see a post on our blog by @robcares? Below is a link. Enjoy.


      Happy New Year.


      about 9 years ago