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    I am to have a 2 year CAT scan in Nov. and I find I don't think of cancer at all, it doesn't cross my mind. being told by my GP to just go enjoy my life sort of gave me permission not to dwell on it. I do as much as I can ( well almost I could still eat better) to stay healthy in body and mind, since cancer is always part of us, our own cells, a million a day flushed away as waste; I just encourage my body to keep doing the good job on flushing away the cells that are sacrificed. I know I will be shocked to learn there is some cancer growing somewhere, not sure I'd handle that well at first.

    the only hard part for me is not having any living family, and no good friends who live nearby. I am trying to make new friends locally, but it is a process. Two new, similar aged, women in my life are developing into friends.