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    My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer with mets to the liver. He was extremely ill with very significant weight loss. The pain in his liver was so severe he couldn't sleep lying in a bed--he slept in a recliner.

    He was on epirubicin(?) and xeloda for four of his nine scheduled treatments. The pain in his liver (which had been severe) was pretty much gone--it only hurt at all if the doc/nurses asked him about it and he thought about it. His spirits were high and he was doing remarkably well--doing physical work and sleeping and feeling well. Then he had hand and foot from the xeloda and was taken off for one month.

    He's back on now (yay!) at a lower dose, but is having pain in his liver. He's very worried and it's causing severe depression. Of course, the more he thinks about it, the more it hurts. He's trying to keep busy and keep his spirits up, but the last two days have been very sad. He's going in for an infusion in two days and we will see about medications for depression at that time. Part of the problem is that he's not been sleeping for the past couple of nights due to worry. We've been given a sleep aid to see if getting a good nights' sleep helps. In talking to him tonight, however, the worry is due to the pain returning to his liver after it had been almost completely gone.

    Has anyone gone thru this interruption and had the same kind of 'backsliding'? Have you been able to regain the progress you made after the interruption? We don't want him to think he's now beyond hope and lose all the ground he's made.