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    Bouncing back

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      Wreckitralph - Your comments and those of Meyati's previously about the NM healthcare are so true. My Niece is living out there now and is a Nurse Practitioner who started her own business about 5 years ago. She told me about the lack of Primary care out there. Other than surgery NPs can do anything doctors do. The VA approached her a little more than a year ago because the Vets were not being treated. She has been licensed in 2 other states as well to care for the vets/VA so travel has increased for her. She has a clinic in Albuquerque one day a week for the Vets that are not homebound. She said that healthcare overall doesn't look good for the State. I do hope you get diagnosed soon for your shoulder.

      8 days ago
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      No matter how long it takes to get an appointment, you won't have a diagnosis unless you go to a doctor and get an X-ay. If it's bursitis or arthritis, it'll get worse unless you do something to get it well. Shoulders can freeze up.

      If the pain is bad, you should go to the ER. They would do an X-ray and treat you.

      You deserve RELIEF.

      Best wishes.

      6 days ago
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      Jane1212 Fiji would have worked for me! : ) My shoulders are SO stiff and tight Hips too. I agree re weekly massage-started that 3 weeks ago and it helps. Also PT and acupuncture for neuropathy. Began yoga 3 weeks ago Horrified at how out of shape I am but the stretching seems to provide some pain relief and definitely helps insomnia.

      6 days ago