Coming back from the River of No Return are cancer survivors who have been blessed to meet the folks of River Discovery
who have made it their business and pleasure to make sure you succeed. I climbed a mountain I couldnt climb with all four feet because their happiness was my success. I got to bathe in a natural hot springs. I paddled down a river that turned back Lewis & Clark two centuries ago and is still pretty much as L & C found it.

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Happy Fursday all. Who better to give advice about love then our canine friends

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We couldn't get by without them.

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I thought this was a neat shirt, for the breast cancer fighters and supporters out there, in case you want one they can be ordered here>>

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I got my mask for radiation today! Treatments start next Thursday.

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Well everyone, it is not everyday one can be at the local mall and run into Batman and the Joker. Luckily they were not at odds and allowed me to take a picture with them.

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Happy Wednesday everyone. Boy this is me today. My daughter is coming to visit on Sunday and I really can't wait but then I think I have so much planning to do. We are planning so many things starting with the Eclipse

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Something important to keep in mind. Little things, like little kitties, can be very important.

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Our blog post today is about side effects and other things that happened during our cancer that we didn't expect, and most wish we had known about them in advance. Click here for the article>>

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