A gift I received tonight at a surprise dinner party my sweetie put together for me before my surgery on Tuesday. This was from a fellow Voice of Hope who drove several hours to be there. It was a special night with dear friends and family. To much to describe hear. I will have to post an article about it later. Lots of emotions when people show up from all over to wish us well.

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This is a good blood and attitude type

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I saw this on FB a few days ago and it's so true! Let's beat this together!

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I think we all need to do this, and in the end, when we are reminiscing about all we have done we can say we did it and beat cancer at the same time!

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The Rise, Heal, and Overcome are the important ones.

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just be kind to each other, it's really easy!

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I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm ready to try and rest and just recover.

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Sometimes it's real simple.

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If you are having a bad day remember out Furry Friends. Happy Fursday

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Happy Wednesday everyone. Wednesday was always my favorite day of the week. Everyone had recovered from Monday and was not yet into the Flakey Friday mode. If I have checked off 3/4ths of my to-do list I am doubly happy. So far this week I have only 50% of my to-do list So I am OK with that

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