Have you had the opportunity to sit down and talk about your cancer diagnosis with your oncologist?

Did you use that opportunity to ask pertinent questions about your specific case? Our blog post today has some information on things you might want to ask about. Take a look here>>

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It's funny how most of these are now true for most of us

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Made these for a get together at my daughter's house today. Pink for the granddaughters.

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Its been a rough week for me, how are you doing?

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The peacefulness of a tree. The leaves were done using watercolor with a natural sponge.

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For me, this process can go ahead and kick it up a notch and move a little faster.

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In light of the many positivity posts, I thought this was appropriate.

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And here is my second one. What joy to witness this complicated, miraculous thing.

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And here she is! My first successful monarch. The first two emerged today. I called my first three Eddy, Freddy, and Teddy. Eddy and Freddy turned out to be Edwina and Fredricka....Teddy should give us a gender reveal by tomorrow!

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Sometimes I have to look a little harder to find the good, but it's there!

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