HOPE grows when you share it! You are sharing hope simply by being here with us. You can share more by answering what questions you can and even more by sharing your cancer journey in a blog post.

If you would like to have your story published on our network and share HOPE with thousands of people, contact me for instructions about how to send it to me. email me Greg @ whatnext . com

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Happy Caturday WhatNexters. Enjoy your weekend at home.

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Hope is Never Cancelled

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What will you do?

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I am not one who enjoys soap and water. So all this hand washing is now to me'

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We made it through another week. I hope everyone is planning on staying home. I hope you have lots of viewing and reading material.

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Have you seen any advertised "cancer cures" online, in magazines, on TV, or anywhere?

It's sad that some people make a living off of vulnerable people like cancer patients. Some are even former cancer patients themselves that have decided that they will get in on the cash cow and offer their own "How I did it" books, seminars, and videos on how they supposedly beat cancer without traditional treatments. Our blog post today has information about how to weed through what you might read online or other places about these so-called "cures", and how to check them out. Click this link for the article>>

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We will get through this virus thing just like we get through our cancer thing. One Day At A Time

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Happy Friday to one and all! I hope you have a great weekend.

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Here are the fruits and vegetables that are in season in April

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