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Posting a picture of Butterflies hanging out at the watercooler thinking about the Summer weekend. Hope you all have a good weekend. I am busy helping my son move to Olympia Washington. Mostly I am showing him how independent I am. LOL

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Here are some of the things hidden behind the phrase “I’M FINE.”

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Here is a pretty good snapshot of a very complicated health care bill. This graphic shows the changes from the current AHCA, to the HOuse bill, and now to the Senate bill.

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Being positive alone will not cure your cancer, but it can make each moment of your day a little better. Being negative doesn't help anything and burns more energy, so why do it?

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Our own @sarasmash is our WhatNexter of the week. Are you familiar with her story? Diagnosed with cervical cancer, twice, and continuing through her college studies to graduate. She is inspiring to others that have just been diagnosed. Take a look and share.

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Full video at:
Reverend Janice Hill explains to Sen. Capito of WV how the AHCA would kill her daughter, currently undergoing cancer treatment.

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People protesting ACA repeal and the secretive (and budget slashing) AHCA are being forcibly removed from their wheelchairs outside of Senator McConnell's office. You can view the video at

I have been calling, repeatedly, (1) my Republican senator, to tell him to oppose AHCA and why (and what impact it would have on my household); (2) my Democratic senator, to thank him for fighting for us and to encourage him to keep fighting by all means necessary; and (3) the Senate Finance Committee, to demand open, public hearings on the AHCA. That number is
(broken into lines to try to avoid being redacted).

I have been calling my senators' health legislative staff. You can get that info at

If you have trouble reaching your senators in DC, you can get their full contact info, including their district offices, at

The Resistbot app will convert your texts into faxes to your elected representatives:

The Stance app will deliver your messages to your legislators' voicemails:

It is important to call ALL your senators, including those who are fighting to protect your health care. Here's why:

Here are tools to contact your senators in especially crucial states:

Here is a way for you to submit an amendment (easy fill-in form), which will help Democratic senators hold the floor:

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doing great right now

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Our Monthly Newsletter is out, you should be getting it in your inbox on the email address that you used to sign up here. If you don't see it, please check your spam folder to be sure our emails are not going there. If all else fails, click this link>>

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