The film about my battle and triumph of having cancer three times and getting more out of it than it got out of me (Although I wouldn't mind have my testicles and esophagus back! Ha,)

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Getting my esophagus widened by Dr. Zen Majuk. I gave the nurses chocolate donuts and Dr Majuk a jar of pickles he likes. My advice don't go into the hospital in drab clothes--dress up, and you will brighten up their day and get more respect and feel better about yourself. Walk in with your identity not your body!

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If we have to go through this, we might as well dance.

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We have a great blog post on the Blog Page today about things people could write in a card to someone with cancer. You might share this blog post to help your friends and family know what to say to you or someone else they know facing cancer. Click here for the article to share >>

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For everyone who is dealing with fatigue. It turns out your not fatigued at all, you're just re-tired.

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Do you find that since your diagnosis you take the time to breathe in life's little moments?

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Nicki, a 6 year survivor of a rare stage IV soft tissue cancer shared her story in a blog post, this is the highlight video.

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During cancer treatment, it's important to surround yourself with people who are positive. Avoid negativity.

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Have you given back to someone that is currently in their own fight? You can help someone by simply dropping by the questions page and answer a few questions. Your simple act of sharing your own cancer experiences might make someone's day!

Thank you for supporting each other!

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Even though I've been in the middle of my own fight I've always tried to help others get through theirs too.

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