Have a good day everyone!

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I hope you all have a nice day, thank you for everything you post, it helps me get through every day!

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Just take baby steps if that's all you are able to do. As long as you are moving forward it doesn't matter how fast. We hope you all are doing OK today!

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Sending everyone great big hugs to get you through the week

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Are you familiar with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome)? Our Blog Post today has information about it.

The symptoms of MDS, the risks, the diagnosis and treatments available are all covered in our article. Take a look here>>

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I don't know what this flower is, but it is a one and only in the midst of my Asian lilies. I think it is remarkable that it happens to have the same colors as the lilies. And, that there's only one like it. My camera didn't capture the depth of color for some reason.

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Protect yourself, be smart, don't burn, a tan isn't worth it.

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I have this problem terribly bad. I have tried different methods to remember names when introduced, but 5 minutes later I have no idea.

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since I'm done with treatments these are some of the doctors that I try to see each day.

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Monday wishes for all those who had a bad week last week.

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