When you are done with cancer, write the rest of your story yourself.

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Do you believe that no matter how your cancer fight turns out, that everything, in general, will end up working out?

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We can all use more happiness, peace, love, joy, and good health. Pass it on to someone that needs it.

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From all of us on the team at WhatNext to all of you. We hope you have a great Christmas free of pain, full of love and joy.

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it's going to be over 70 degrees at our son's house this Christmas. No chance of a white Christmas this time.

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If I would have thought of this 32 years ago when I first had chemo for my first diagnosis I would be rich by now.

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For all the Sisters that have fought or still fighting off breast cancer.

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Every cancer patient is going to have some level of fear of a recurrence at some point. It's natural and just a part of being a cancer patient that we have to learn to deal with. Most of the time the thought of a recurrence is not a big deal. But if it starts to alter your mood, cause depression, deep fears, anxiety, and other issues, it's time to do something about it. Our blog post today talks about this part of living with cancer. Click the link below for the article.

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If you have been in the diarrhea stage of chemo you can probably relate to this.

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Our wish for all of you!

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