Just thought this was way funny. It's almost like Walmart, one stop shopping.

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You are all of these after going through this.

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Life is too short! Let's try to be happy!

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Happy Caturday every one. Every one is freaking out here because of the storm. My grocery delivery did make it yesterday. Of course there were a lot of out of stock items. The driver said I was lucky to get the last water. Then he complained that there was 2 inches of snow on the parking lot. I had to laugh because there was 4 inches on the ground when I left Boise in December. KandyKat has been enjoying the snow the birds have been coming into the balcony. She also likes to watch the snow from the window.

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Happy Anniversary Greg and Donna.

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Happy Friday everyone. Hoping everyone stays warm. I have discovered that 5 inches of snow here cripples the city like 10 inches in Boise. My grocery delivery was canceled on Monday I am hoping that I get the grocery delivery before the predicted storm hits today. Hoping that everyone has a great weekend

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Wishing you a big cup full of all these today!

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Today is our Anniversary, 39 years of marriage. These days that's enough years for several marriages. Happy Anniversary Baby! There is a song in there somewhere.

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This was me on Monday after getting a new knee! Its was custom made for me using a 3D printer. They had me up and walking just a couple hours after surgery and home the next day. The pain has been quite manageable. I'm thrilled I could finally get this done! Even if we had drive through a snowstorm to get to the hospital!

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People on the outside of the World of Cancer believe that those of us who have completed our treatment will be joyous and happy and just jump back into life with both feet and never look back. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Our Blog Post today has some tips on why you may have it and tips to cope with it and move on as a cancer survivor. Click this link for the article>>

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