I broke out the Flintstones Vitamins, cancer doesn't have a chance now! Do you take regular vitamins, one a day, multi-vitamins or anything like that?

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Take the good with the bad, and move on. That's all we can do.

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I want to thank everyone that has texted, called or stopped by. I appreciate everyone's love and compassion!

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A big bunch of our Family gathered for one Birthday and a welcome home to some visiting from out of State. Love your family, visit them, talk to them, make memories, life is short. The sign our little cousin is holding is for one of our other cousins who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We were missing her and sending her our love.

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keep SWINGIN!!!

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I'm excited to go to the corn maze this fall, I'm getting prepared by walking a mile a day!

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Happy Fursday everyone

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One of the last tasks that most cancer patients are thinking about is getting their legal and financial documents updated. But it is a prudent and wise task to put behind you … just in case. Here are some things you might want to do before you start treatments.

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Do any of you feel like trying this?

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Daisy with my son and her son.

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