Happy Father's Day to all the Dads on the site. We hope you have had a good day!

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Donna and I don't have any kids, but this young Man we claim. He is our Nephew that we had a big hand in raising. I am honored that he sends me Happy Father's Day wishes and calls me to tell me that. Have you ever heard that phrase: "anyone can be a father, it takes someone special to be a Dad"? He says that applies to me, like I said, I am honored.

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Oncology nurse wants to give her never-worn wedding dress to a cancer patient or survivor

ncology nurse Jessica Leja knows how cancer can get in the way of life.

It can be messy, painful, scary and expensive. It can ruin plans and delay big events such as a wedding.

Leja also understands the importance of finding silver linings no matter how dark the clouds can be overhead.

And so, because her own wedding has been called off, she now wants to turn something sad into something joyful. She wants to gift her beautiful, size 10, Stella York wedding gown to someone else who can use a bit of beauty and kindness in their life.

She wants to give the gown, free of charge, to an engaged or soon-to-be engaged woman who is either in the throes of battling cancer or who has survived it.

“My heroes are cancer patients: the fighters, the survivors and the taken,” she said. “The admiration I have for them is beyond words.

“It would really mean a whole lot to me to be able to find someone” associated with cancer to give this gown to, she said. “That would be the most memorable thing I’ve ever done.”

Of course, she could sell the dress, for which she paid $1,800, but she’d rather gift it, she said.

The gown, which is both white and ivory and features lots of lace, was purchased at Bella Sposa boutique in Tinley Park, she said.

“It’s really beautiful,” she said.

But, it turns out, she added, “This dress wasn’t made for me. It was made for someone else. And I have to find her.”

Leja, 30, says she grew up “an old soul” in Frankfort and New Lenox, graduating from Lincoln-Way Central High School.

She attended Joliet Junior College and has been a registered nurse for six years, two of them specializing in oncology.

She works at DuPage Medical Group in Tinley Park.
Read on the Chicago Tribune Site

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Our Blog Post today is about hair loss due to cancer treatments. Some remedies, some ways to cover up, and some new things that might help you. Take a look here>>

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Washington D.C. Spring 2014

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Wishing all those Fathers and Grandfathers who are not only super fathers but also battling cancer. You are truely Supermen.

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I am making lasagna for Father's Day. The sauce is cooking and it looks and smells so good!! I don't make it often. This may be the first time since i was diagnosed with cancer 5-1/2 years ago.

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I seem to be getting madder and madder about this! I just want it to be done!!

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Happy Caturday. Kitties wishing all fathers a happy fathers day. Particularly those father's who introduce their children to cats or dogs to be their companions

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