This is a touching commercial honoring 911 from Anheuser Busch and the famous Clydesdale horses.

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Life is too short, over 3,000 people woke up and went to work and never came home. Enjoy each day, take it in, find the good in everyone and everything, don't hate, give more love, have no regrets.

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What will you choose today? Have a great day and don't let stress get you down.

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Life is short for everyone. Cancer patients are just reminded of it more often. So HAVE fun!

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A new term to use, "multitasking brain". Same thing, only different.

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Today's Blog Post - 13 Things Cancer Patients Want People to Know About Cancer

We are always trying to educate the general population about cancer. What it's like to have it, how it's treated, facts Vs. fiction, how side effects affect us, and more. Today we have 13 things that you said people needed to know. See the article here >> and please share on your social media to help us spread the facts about living with cancer. Thank You!!

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Don't fret your eyebrows off! This week is gonna be a good one!!

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What sort of things did you waste time on prior to cancer?

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Fresh brownies! Happy Saturday!

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It's been a sad few days around our house. We lost "Bo Dog". He was another one of the many animals that just showed up at our house and never left. We don't know how old he was for sure but must have been 12 to 15. We had him for 10 or 11. He developed an issue a couple of weeks ago and went downhill. We took him to the Vet twice and thought he might bounce back. But Thursday morning he left us.

Grief is a strange thing, I feel like we've lost a family member, and in reality, we have. He lived inside, made every move we did and would go outside and patrol the border barking at anything he heard, then come marching back to the door.

He took his last ride in the Rhino that he's standing in, he loved to ride in it. I picked him up out of the floor and wrapped him in a blanket the Donna kept in his doghouse and layed him in the back of the Rhino to ride across our farm to our pet cemetery. We have 9 of our babies buried there.

Pet your furry babies, take them for a walk and maybe give an extra treat this morning. Bo loved those crunchy bones. He would act like it was the greatest thing when he got one after going out to tinkle.

We're gonna miss him.

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