Coming up on 9 years of survivorship...4 biopsies during the years since original diagnosis, all of which were ultimately benign...this is why I survive and Thrive!

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Having a great time celebrating cancer survivor day at dead and company show one day late. 3 years!

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Have you seen this commercial? I just saw this TV commercial and was thinking it's a good thing! Thank you Walgreen's for helping spread the word to "save your skin!"

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An open letter to "you".

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The longer I deal with cancer the more I believe this!!!

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Does this describe you?

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Have you installed any special equipment in your home because of your cancer diagnosis? The bathroom in this picture is a hospital or clinic bathroom, but there are some things that can be used at home, like a walk in tubs, or no step showers, handrails and grab bars. Other things like hospital beds, oxygen machines, blood pressure monitors and other equipment could be needed. If a patients health declines enough, you may need easier access in and out of the house, a ramp may be needed.

Of course, many of us will never need any of this as we have been through treatments and didn't have to change anything. But for some, there may come a time that some things are needed.

Our blog post has some information things that could be needed and how to find a contractor to help with it. Click here for the article>>

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TODAY is our day! It's National Cancer Survivor's Day!

Did you know that Sunday, June 2, 2019 is OUR DAY? It’s National Cancer Survivors Day®. For the last 32 years, thousands of cancer survivors across the world recognize their cancer history and connect with other survivors. Click the blog link at the top of any page to read our article about it, or just click here>>

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