Our Blog Post today is from our own @cheryncp, she is a lung cancer survivor and reminds us that all you need are lungs to get lung cancer, smoking not required. Read it here>>

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You have to believe that everything will work out OK. Keeping this frame of mind will make every day an easier day to live in. It's still hard, but you can go through the hard things in life miserable and believing that your life sucks and that the end is near, or you can go through each day believing that after this sucky part is over, things will be good again.

Keep the Faith...........

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This is one of my favorites!

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Our Blog Post today is from WhatNexter Lisa Vento. She is a breast cancer survivor and career coach who helps people get back to work after cancer is over and it's time to move on. Take a look at her tips, then please use the share buttons on the post and share it on your social channels to help others. Click here for the post>>

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A message for all my fighters here at WhatNext. Your GOOD is stronger than any BAD day! Have a good one today!

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way to go kids !!!

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If this description of a strong person is true, I must be Superman.

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Being positive won't kill any cancer cells, but it sure does make your day go better.

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Making America Great Again.......In Russia

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Let's change this perception. If you have lungs you CAN get lung cancer. NO MORE STIGMA!!!

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