My brother said I could open my birthday present early. I really like wearing a mask. His group is making masks and using them as a fundraiser for a local retirement home.

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Have you ever heard these two phrases "it takes a village to fight cancer", or "when one person in the family gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer"?

That's usually the way it goes. I wrote an article describing my family's cancer experiences through my diagnosis. Even though they aren't the ones that are taking the treatments, our family and friends are feeling the effects of our cancer. Take a look at my article here>>

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Taylor Swift's sone about her mother's cancer fight.

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This works for me. When I am having a bad day I think about all of the other bad days I have been through and I realize that I will make it through this one too.

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My new FB profile picture. I think I can claim it, several of you can too, and you're welcome to use this.

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I really appreciate those who drop by to check on me or at least call or text.

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People are protesting wanting to turn everything "back to normal". I'm good with wanting it to be back to normal, but I'm not going to volunteer to go work at that nursing home that has had 60 people die in it. So I propose whoever wants to go ahead and get things kicked off this week that they go volunteer at those nursing homes. They are having a hard time getting enough staff for their facility so they will welcome you.

Then we can revisit this question in another week or so.

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Another example of how there is always something to be thankful for. If you can put yourself in this example you are blessed. Be grateful and look at all you have to be thankful for, even during a pandemic.

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Just be kind to someone today! And every day for that matter! Drop by the questions page and see if you can answer someone's question and help ease their mind for today. Your experience is valuable.

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Ocean waves, a watercolor while dreaming of going to the beach.

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