My Princess is 8 months old now,,And Grandpa loves her so much so glad im still here,,Taking a bath by myself still

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We all know that cancer care is expensive. We see our individual bills for our type of cancer, and most of us struggle to pay it. But multiple myeloma patients are now facing a financial crisis with the cost of Revlimid, an oral medication used as a maintenance drug after an autologous stem cell transplant or for newly diagnosed patients who are not eligible for an autologous stem cell transplant. Our blog post today has helpful resources for financial assistance with the drug costs.

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Borrowed from our sweet Cousin who is recovering from chemo and dbl. Mastectomy. As you all know, it's a long road to recovery, we wish everyone that is on that road a smooth journey!

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This is a photo of the Mediterranean Sea. It was very angry the cold, wet, and rainy day we were there. The waves were really crashing off of the rocks. I thought it was powerful and beautiful.

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The Matthew boat (with the American and Israeli flags) is the boat our group rode on the Sea of Galilee. It was so meaningful when they played the Star Spangled Banner as they raised the American flag.

We had a lot of fun on the ride. We sang and danced and threw bread to 100s of seagulls! The boat ride was over way too quickly.

After the ride, we went to a museum where we saw a fishing boat (the Jesus Boat) that is from the first century AD. It was discovered on the Sea of Galilee. Amazing that it was preserved for all of those years!

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This is my friend and me at the US Embassy in Israel. We have both been battling stage IV lung cancer for the past 6 years.

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Things to remember while you're going through this.

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If you have been a part of our community for any length of time you have probably seen me post things that I make woodworking. Here is a "family tree" I carved with a CNC router that I've been playing with. Everyone needs a hobby to put their mind in a happy place. This is one of mine.

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Does your brain have different ideas for you when you are trying to sleep? It's hard to turn it off or change its channel.

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Nature as medicine in 2019 at Mount Two Top by West Yellowstone, Montana. A Montana trip was my "reward" after chemo last year and I was lucky enough to visit again in much better health. Best wishes for finding *your* medicine!

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