You have to admit, there's something to this.

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Are you carrying some anger around with you through your cancer diagnosis and treatments?

I'm guilty of this myself. There doesn't seem to be an end to what keeps getting stacked on top of a cancer patient. Just as we think things are going pretty good and this might turn out OK, BAM, something kicks you right in the knees, I have a saying that I use all the time. Every time something else happens either with our business, (a daily crisis), around the house, or in cancer world, I just say "it's just another day".

I mean that every day something is going to happen, go wrong, or whatever. I expect it, I know that when it comes it's no big deal, it will either get handled or it will handle itself.

Our blog post today has some details about how you might do a little forgiveness. Read it here>>

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I carved a little inspiration yesterday. It's kind of hard to make out.

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On the positive side, everyone needs hope, belief, faith, and cancer cured. Right-click and then "save image as" to save this to your computer and use it.

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My Word Art Ribbon catches how I feel about another SCC (squamous cell carcinoma) diagnosis.

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Our trip to Vanderbilt didn't turn out as we had hoped. First, poor Deana went with us to keep Donna company and be my translater, in most cases when most people can't understand what I am saying. When we got to the front door they would only let one person in and Deana had to go back and sit in the car and wait. This, even though I asked, looked up online and found where it said that two people could wait in the waiting room but only one could go with me to the pre-op holding area. It's not the first time that I've found an employee working somewhere didn't know what was going on two hallways away from where they work.
This trip started because I have had two spots in my throat bothering me for about a month. One spot on the left side is a swollen lymph node that is cancerous, the other spot on the right side was looked at visually and described as "probably nothing to worry about", followed by a CT scan that said the spot on the left was suspicious to be a cancerous abnormality and the spot on the right was "not remarkable", in other words, nothing to worry about.
Yesterday I had a PET scan, after me urging that I needed to get one to rule out any metastasis to the lungs or brain. PET scans have been my secret weapon against cancer in that it always shows up anywhere in your body that cancer may have metastasized to, except for this time.
This morning, Dr. Rohde came in our little pre-surgery holding room and said the results of the PET confirmed what they had thought, the spot on the left side of my neck lit up on the scan showing it was cancerous and the spot on the right did NOT. Meaning that it was not cancer, probably a muscle or nerve problem.
The first thing on today's plan was to look closely at that spot and take a biopsy just to be sure. If it was, in fact, clean, then the plan was to move to the left side and remove any lymph nodes that can be found because they might be involved. She did that, and boom, the spot that has been looked at with a mirror by eye, scanned with a CT and a PET scans, was in fact squamous cell carcinoma, the same XXX that's been chasing me since 2008.
So today's party stopped right there. They will take my case before the Vanderbilt Tumor Board and discuss amongst the people with the big brains to suggest options.
At this point, the options are likely to be:
1. Remove the rest of my esophagus including the part with the lesion. And remove any lymph nodes anywhere in my neck. This would be a radical surgery forcing me to be on a liquid diet for the rest of my time.
2. Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, targeted radiation, one or all in a combination could possibly be used.
At this point, the only thing we know for sure this afternoon that we didn't know this morning is that the spot that was "nothing to worry about", is a worrisome little thing trying to get some attention.
So here goes another week to wait for an appointment to go back to Vanderbilt and see Dr. Rohde and find out the recommended options, that will follow at least two more weeks waiting to back into the surgical rotation if that's the path. Or a couple of weeks wait to get in to see the oncology dept. and get started there.
Meanwhile, "excuse me, sir, there's something growing in your neck".
Again, time will slow down as slow as a drunk snail trying to get across a highway while we wait.

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It's time for a Wellness Wednesday. I think this one is especially appropriate. Since cancer my sense of humor has gone to the dark side. I am now really into "hornet jokes" Binge watching every sitcom Netflix has to offer doesn't sound like a bad idea either. Funny animal videos are always great. Any other ideas?

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Wishing you all a truckload of this today and for the rest of the week!

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I thought this was a powerful quote. I know this says “she” and “her”. I also know that it’s not only women who experience these things. It’s a powerful reminder that we’re not alone, but we do get to have our feelings, our grief, our joy.

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Today is National Eat What You Want Day. For me that will be a second choice. The Edward's Frozen Pie I ordered was out of stock. So I reassessed my definition of what I want. I want some food that will help relieve pain I have some dried plums and apricots I think I will have those for a snack Pricey but delicious
How will you celebrate National Eat What You Want Day

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