Some of those roads were hard roads.

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Does your chemobrain do this to you? You can remember things from 40 years ago, but can't find your keys or why you walked into a room?

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Does the lack of concentration cause your mind to feel like this?

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@Dianem shares her cancer story in a couple of videos, this one is Part I, she describes her story from diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer and being told to make her final arrangements to being put on an immunotherapy clinical trial that turned things around for her. This is an inspiring story, take a look and then tell her thanks for sharing.

If you would like to share your story with a quick video email us and I will give you a few tips about how to record it.

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My new family member---Ryder from the Farmington dog pond, almost 400 miles away. He's a little Plott Coonhound with an ear infection. In 24 hours, Jax scratched Ryder's ear-they love to wrestle and sleep together-brothers. He's a friendly sweetheart. He's active and loud.

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I found a great exercise program for us cancer patients. It says for people over 60 but since we go through so much and get beaten down, I think this applies to us too. What do you think?

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This is how I feel when I'm sitting in the chemo chair. Just. Go. Get. Coffee!

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Do you need to relieve some stress? Go Big Orange!! Sorry, it's a Tennessee thing.

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This is something for our dogs. What do you think? Will you pay 4.99 a month for a channel that is supposed to be tailored to your dog?

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What's on your agenda for today? Big plans, lots to do, or is the couch calling?

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