Rest in peace Greg. Though the world will miss your presence, we shall also rejoice for the time we had with you.

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Donna and Family

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Wouldn't we all love to be at the beach? A recent watercolor that I've done.

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Halloween doesn't have to be scary!

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For Greg,Donna and Familly

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A little late but not too late. Here's what's best in October. I love collard greens. I made a white bean stew with them a few days ago. I pulled some left overs out of the freezer for today. I also love squash.

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Thank you all!He's had us all worried!Dr.'s were in this morning. His blood clots are desolving and making slow progress.. Not been much to post until today.He is feeling a little better which I'll take after these 18 days.He's been sitting in chair most of the morning.Hopefully he continues to get better and stronger!! We thank you all for the concern,, prayers and anything you want to throw our way! Much love to you all.Superman is still hanging in there!!

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Camellias grow well here in the middle and southern part of the state. Unfortunately for me, the deer in our yard love them too. A 4 x 6 watercolor study.

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It's been awhile since we had a new pic, so here's my cat.

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