Here's a Father's Day challenge. Post a picture of your favorite spot to go "get happy".

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All of us who are missing Dad today can relate to this. Happy Father's Day to every Dad in heaven and on earth!

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All of us at WhatNext hope you are able to relax and recover this weekend. If you have questions or need support for an issue, there are always people ready to help. Enjoy the weekend!

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Here is a picture of my Victory Garden IX. I have not been able to post much on WhatNext as I have been having Dr. Appointments almost every day of the week. I still don't have the results of the MRI but I was able to take a break for one day and my friend came to visit and I was able to go down and enjoy the garden. My son takes me down some days also however he does not have a high powered camera like my friend

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One out of every 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. This diagnosis is to men as breast cancer is to women (1 in 8). This is Men's Health Week, and this article on current facts and figures about prostate cancer is part of our coverage. Take a look, and please share with the men in your life. Click here for the article>>

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This is me for sure. I think I'm strong for making it through everything so far, but lord knows I'm tired too!

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When things get moving fast and you think you can't, you can. Just hang on until things slow back down.

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I ran across this tonight while online. I've never heard the term "seenager", but I guess I fall into that category. And this list is pretty accurate, now if I just didn't have this pesky cancer thing to worry with!

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After being diagnosed and going through the trauma of all of this, I have a deep desire to help others who are going through it too. I don't know why, but I have started volunteering at my center and try to be an advocate for all cancer patients. We all get changed by our diagnosis, some for the better, some for worse.

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Us cancer patients can appreciate the analogy of our body having a "check engine light". I often say that my body is like a 57 Buick that is running out of parts and you can't get new ones. I think I have a few hundred thousand miles on it too.

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