On this Memorial Day Weekend all of us at WhatNext thank those who gave their lives for all of us. Remember them while we enjoy the freedoms we have.

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It's Friday everyone. It is supposed to be nice weather this weekend and everyone has been encouraged to get outside. But I am thinking "Nah, I'll just stay indoors and binge watch those sify movies about giant insects taking over the world. And this week is the 40th anniversary of the eruption of Mt St. Helens so the local TV station is running specials on their YouTube channel

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Did you get our Newletter this morning in your email inbox?

We have just published our May Newsletter, you should get it in your email inbox that you used when you signed up on the WhatNext site. If you haven't been getting notifications and emails from the site please let us know and we will see if your email has been blocked. Our Newsletter can be seen here>>

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Do you think that living safe is living in fear?

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I hung up Sweetie's swing on our porch today and we gave it the inaugural test. It didn't fall down so I must have done it right!

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No matter what cancer throws at you, Refuse To Sink!! Stay strong and fight on. Click Here=> for help to stay afloat.

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I picked up a new book to read while we are still on lockdown. I needed this a couple of weeks ago.

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Please protect yourself and don't wind up with scars on your face like I have.

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Do you ever have a plan for what you are going to do tomorrow but then when you wake up you just can't seem to get into it? I have so many projects around the house that I have good intentions on doing, but I just don't care anymore it seems.

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Some people say, "I know how you feel ". Probably not!

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