And this one is shaking her head!

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Yes, I am grateful for the life I've been given a second chance at, and all of the blessings I have in it!

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Cancer patients are at a higher risk of falling during treatments than someone not going through it.

Our blog post today has some common sense tips to help us stay steady and possibly prevent a costly fall. Our bodies are going through enough already and we don't need a broken arm, hip, or leg to add to the problems! Read the article here>>

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I'm just curious if any of you have ever looked something up on the internet and then asked your Doctor about it? I know there are tactful ways of asking questions, but I can imagine they get frustrated with people that say they looked it up, and this is what they should be doing to me/for me. Anybody?

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We need to start smacking cancer around! If you get knocked down, take your time, catch your breath, and get back up swinging!

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Did you have a tumor board that discussed your cancer diagnosis and decided on the best plan of treatment for your case?

Or did your oncologist on his/her own decide and implement your plan? Our blog post today talks about tumor boards, what they are and how they work, and how they benefit us cancer patients.

I had a tumor board, but didn't know it until after treatments had already started and my Doctor happened to mention it. It's an interesting concept and a great idea. If two heads are better than one then 6 should be fantastic! Follow this link for the article>>

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One of our fellow survivors sharing her story from finding the lump, to diagnosis, through surgery, treatments, and on to survivorship and giving back. Watch her video series, and then if you would like to share your inspiring story, contact us to find out how.

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Sometimes you have to check things off of that "to do list" pretty quickly. If you don't feel like doing it, DON'T! We are going through a lot and we deserve to take it easy and concentrate on recovery. Don't let a dirty floor give you worry ulcers, there are bigger things to take care of.

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Do you have a friend or family member who is facing a cancer diagnosis? Here are some thoughtful things you can do for them to let them know you care and are thinking of them. Share with some of your friends that might be wondering what they could do. Click this link for the article on our Blog Page>>

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It's nice to do what you want when you want every now and then. You need to keep your mind happy!

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