If you have someone, or even know someone in a nursing home, think about maybe dropping by and visiting them.

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On day 784 of lockdown, I'm still making chairs. I decided to try a new one yesterday. A baby Adirondack chair. It's made out of a combination of reclaimed barn wood and pallet wood. The little one is only 24" tall and the seat portion is about 13" wide.

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Since I've had all this time in my workshop building chairs I've come up with a new chair. This is an anti-covid19 chair. Put a pair of them on your deck and plant your butt in them instead of being out running around and you won't get this stinking virus!

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This is true!

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I feel like I'm living on a scavenger hunt. 3 stores-no bread. Levi found some at a gas station--will there be milk or eggs? 2 weeks to find salt. I found a bag of flour- and almost everyone in line asked if there was any more flour.

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HOPE grows when you share it! You are sharing hope simply by being here with us. You can share more by answering what questions you can and even more by sharing your cancer journey in a blog post.

If you would like to have your story published on our network and share HOPE with thousands of people, contact me for instructions about how to send it to me. email me Greg @ whatnext . com

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Rain is falling, figuratively and physically. It's been raining for weeks here and this stupid virus is causing quite a cloud over all of us.

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That time of year-- It took over 3 months for my hounds to get used to standard time-----Egads I hate this.

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Tomorrow I will check into that big building at Vanderbilt and enter as myself and exit a week or so later as myself 2.0 newer and improved. Like the 6 million dollar man. That's probably about what the bill will be.
I have my posse with me so we're going to dinner tonight and I'm eating like it's a "last meal" since it will be for a couple months.

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I hope you find something great in this week! There is usually something great and something to be thankful for.

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