Enjoyed a day supporting cancer survivors and caregivers and those loved ones who have gone before, with our best four-legged friends!

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Someone asked what kind of work our Company does. This is a set of retaining walls that our crew is building. There will be a set of steps built in the middle of the two walls after they are both built to the needed height. These large blocks weigh 72# each. When we talk about how cancer has changed us, this is my example. I used to be able to lift these things all day long. But now when I stop out to check on the guys I might lift one or two and set them in place, that's about it. I try to stay in the office these days, it's better on my back.

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We always hear people say that cancer doesn't look the same on everyone. What have you experienced that wasn't the same as others that have been through the same type of treatment or cancer? Have you found anything unusual?

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We can all help each other simply by answering the questions that are asked and even by posting questions that you may be thinking about. If you have a question about something, there are others out there that have that same question too.

Please post any questions you may have and also add your feedback to any question that is posted. Information and sharing experiences is what makes WhatNext a great place. Please join in these two activities and help others, they will appreciate it!

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The dresser I made Sweetie has found its way to the house and is in the spot where it will live. Right next to a Barnwood door I also made.
Having a hobby keeps your mind from wandering into areas that might be troublesome for us. What do you do to keep your mind busy?

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Here are some things to keep your mind busy when you start dwelling on what you shouldn't.

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I often say that I used to think people that were 60 were old, now I say I'm old and I'm not to 60 yet. I can relate to several of these.

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We eat watching TV a lot, so I found a solution.

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It's hard to do, but with a lot of work and control you can keep your emotions in check and keep your attitude in the fight mode and focused on what needs to be handled for the day.

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Good morning all! Get your coffee and let's get this day going! Wishing you all a healing day!

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