For anyone with head and neck cancer, or brain tumors, or anything that would require your head to be perfectly still while the radiation is being given, this is the process for making a mask that holds your head down to the table.

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People keep telling me they are sorry that I have things so bad and they promise me it will be better. I am waiting for someone to tell me this, then it might make up for all of this, it would be a start.

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When you've told your Doctor that you CAN'T take those meds, but they give them to you anyway.

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The size of your problem is in direct relation to your attitude

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@cllinda recently asked "What one piece of advice did you gain from this site vs. Your doctor?" There have been lots of helpful things that have been learned here at WhatNext rather than from our Doctors. This is just one of the benefits of being here, learning things that you may not have anywhere else. Here are several of them in a blog post I wrote on this question to share. click here for article
Click here for her original question>>

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This quote has been one of my favorites since way back before I ever had cancer. It applies to everyday life as well as trying circumstances like dealing with cancer.

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I just got back from the store with a gallon of Moosetracks.

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We all can use a little more love, can't we?

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The story of my daily adventures.

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Not just a Blue moon, but a red, super, blue moon. I think the last one was in the 1880s.. Anyway- Super because the moon is super close to Earth. Blue, because it's the 2nd full moon in Jan. Red because of an eclipse happening at the same time. ENJOY

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