A cool T-Shirt I got for Christmas.

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I am trying hard to not let cancer take anything else from me.

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Fighting cancer is tough! Be proud of yourself for your effort no matter how far along you are!!

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I saw this on Facebook and thought that we all could probably agree.

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Do you ever get tired of listening to people who have nothing to do with your care, no relation, barely an acquaintance, giving you lots of advice on how you SHOULD be going about your treatment? I want to give them an old-fashioned smackdown.

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I continue to get comments from people about how their Aunt, Uncle, friend, etc. just died from that same thing. Please people, that's NOT helpful.

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What my skin looks like. I need help! What do you use to get it back to normal after radiation?

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I still have some fighting to do, but I'm on top of the pack right now!

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Name something you do before every treatment.

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How long for hair to regrow after chemo or radiation? It varies according to the type of treatment and duration of treatment, and how much damage was done. Read some experiences of others in our Blog Post here>>

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