Tim McGraw is continuing to advocate for cancer research since releasing his song “Live Like You Were Dying” in 2004.

The country singer, 52, is a Stand Up To Cancer ambassador and is starring in a new campaign to encourage fans to “rewrite the skies” in honor of their loved ones, PEOPLE can share exclusively.

The organization is partnering with American Airlines, who is providing the opportunity to add a family member or friend’s name to one of its planes in honor of those who are cancer survivors, currently battling the disease or have died from cancer.

Anyone who makes a donation of $25 or more to Stand Up To Cancer during the month of July can add the name of a person to the American Airlines Airbus A321, which will begin flying in the fall, according to a press release. 100 percent of donations will support Stand Up to Cancer’s collaborative cancer research programs.

“Every family in America has a cancer story, my own family included. Too many of us have lost our parents, children, spouses and friends to this terrible disease,” McGraw says in a statement. “I’ve been so touched by the stories of the American Airlines team members I’ve met over the past month and I’m honored to lend my voice to this campaign to help create a world where all cancer patients can become long-term survivors and have more time with the people they love.”

In exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the campaign shoot, McGraw explains his family’s experiences with cancer. His mother and several aunts have faced cancer; his father, baseball pitcher Tug McGraw, died from the disease in 2004.

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“That’s a big reason why I’m here,” he says in the clip. “It’s been a part of my family and I want to do everything I can to help find a cure and find a way for people to become long-term survivors.”

The performer is currently writing a book on his own health and lifestyle after cowriting Songs of America with Pulitzer-winning biographer Jon Meacham. He’s worked with Stand Up To Cancer since 2012, when he performed “Live Like You Were Dying” at a telethon for the organization.

To make a donation to SU2C and add a name to the special plane, visit between July 1 and July 31. Donors can visit again in late September to see the location of their submitted names on the plane before it begins flying in September.

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Traditionally, HPV has been associated with cervical cancer. Now, says Dr. Samir Patel, a radiation oncologist at Mayo Clinic, HPV in the throat and mouth is rising at an epidemic level where tumors in these locations have outpaced those from smoking. A type radiation treatment called proton beam therapy offers some advantages.

More health and medical news on the Mayo Clinic News Network.

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Mayo Clinic Improves Treatments for Head and Neck Cancers

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How often when you are talking to others about what you are going through or have been through do you get the idea that they have no clue whatsoever what you are trying to explain to them?

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So true, has anyone else had this trouble?

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We need to start smacking cancer around! If you get knocked down, take your time, catch your breath, and get back up swinging!

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Did you have a tumor board that discussed your cancer diagnosis and decided on the best plan of treatment for your case?

Or did your oncologist on his/her own decide and implement your plan? Our blog post today talks about tumor boards, what they are and how they work, and how they benefit us cancer patients.

I had a tumor board, but didn't know it until after treatments had already started and my Doctor happened to mention it. It's an interesting concept and a great idea. If two heads are better than one then 6 should be fantastic! Follow this link for the article>>

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Too many people are being too angry. That usually doesn't accomplish much. Let it flow, work around it, or work through it.

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We wish you all a great week to come! What do you have on your schedule for the week? scans, x-rays, treatments, Dr.'s visits? Thursday is Boom Boom Day! Everyone be careful and have a great week!

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I like this

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