I have a bad pain in my everything too!

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All of us who have been diagnosed can relate to this. If you remember back to your beginning of this path, maybe on Tuesday you were planning a cookout for the weekend, then after that doctor's office visit, everything changed.

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We certainly appreciate all of the oncology nurses in America!! Without you, this would be a much harder path.

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October is also #LiverCancerAwarenessMonth don't forget to show a little green too!

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Take it however you have to, one day, one hour, or one breath. Whatever it takes.

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September was a hot one and October is starting off the same way! I'm ready for some normal Fall weather! I hope everyone is doing OK!!

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Our blog post today has information on what happens during the month and some resources for those affected by breast cancer. Take a look at the article here>>

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This about covers it for me for now.

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Have you ever looked at someone who's outward appearance and your first impression of them might not be so high, and then thought to yourself that they are probably a good person who has had a hard way to go?
First impressions are not always accurate, we don't know what they've been through, everyone is fighting their own demons.

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Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield. When it comes to our mind we tend to be what we think. Let's choose to be the shark and #EATCANCER! is anyone with me?

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