Team Wittlock
Relay For Life May 2013
1st time we did Relay it poured rain , so we did not walk- all survivors , teams, caregivers walked up the stage to tell how many years they have had cancer. So inspirational to see!

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Can we go now? You have to have dreams!

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What kind of fundraiser are you doing for Relay For Life, if you participate? I love to do woodworking, so I am always building something to raffle off. This year we are building a couple jewelry cases and an Oak Steamer Trunk. The boxes in the picture are almost done, still need polyurethane for some shine and the knobs put on. We put each person's name in the hat that donates to our Relay Team to win one of these boxes and the Steamer trunk. We usually do well with them. You can click here to see our Relay Page and more information, or donate.

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I am on the Committee for my local Relay For Life. Several of us have recorded some PSA's for the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life. This is the first one, I put some slides on it just to load it to Youtube, short and sweet.

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Who is working on a Relay For Life project this weekend? Relay season is in full swing, some areas are starting to have their events and the rest are in fundraising mode.

I am working on one Saturday that will be our Team's biggest fundraiser of the year. It should be fun.

Do you have a Relay project your working on for your local Relay Event this weekend?

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My very first Relay For Life. It was on my anniversary of 7 months with NED. We raised $109,000 towards research for a cure. Yay, Palm Bay!

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For all of you that participate in Relay For Life, we have a question for you on the questions page.

What is your favorite part of Relay For Life?

I just started 3 years ago, and I like every part of it. The middle of the night silly stuff that goes on, all the good food, the feeling of a brotherhood, etc. I like it all. But favorite, I would have to say the Survivor's Lap. That is a special feeling.

Please go to the question by clicking here=> and give your answer, thanks for participating in the question, and thanks for participating in Relay For Life.

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Relay For Life events are starting to kick up all over the Nation. Are you going to join a Relay event this year?

Tell us what you have planned.

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How many of you have been to a Relay For Life event? And for those that have, did you participate in the Survivor Lap?

Give us your thoughts about it. Did it make you proud to be a part of it? Did it empower you?

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