The 2013 Relay For Life Season is getting kicked off. There has been some discussion on the site from time to time about Relay, so I wanted to ask: Who do you Relay for?

It's a theme question throughout Relay For Life I am always touched by some of the answers. As cancer patients or survivors there is not a single one of us that doesn't benefit from the work that the American Cancer Society does in research and benefit programs either directly or indirectly. I am just curious about how many of us have decided to "give back" and try to do something about a cure.

So, Who Do You Relay For?

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Are you a Black Friday Shopper? If your not feeling up to it this year and want to do a little online shopping instead, check out the American Cancer Society's Purple Friday Sale Event. 20% off all Gifts and Gear at WWW.ACSGIFTSHOP.COM

How many of you will be going out to fight the crowds at a Black Friday Sale today? Be careful if you do!!

Enjoy your long weekend, and as always, thanks for being here.

Greg P
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This is a video of one of the speeches I have given for the Relay For Life Heroes Of Hope program. We speak to different groups explaining what it's like to fight cancer, what we have to go through, and why it's important for Relayers to do what they do in fund raising.

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This is the room of 1200 Relayers gathered for the Midsouth Relay For Life Leadership Summit that I spoke for last month.

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