Happy November to everyone! I hope it's a better month than October was to us!

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It won't be long and we will be driving home from work in the dark again. I hate that time change. It takes me a week to adjust.

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Here is your graphic you can share for today. Nothing about Halloween could scare us now, right?

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Jax is so cute. He's the youngest hound, but he's the pack leader.

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You may have seen my posts back in the Summer about our cousin that died from Triple Neg. Breast Cancer. Her birthday was yesterday and someone had a local photographer put this picture together for her husband and two boys. This is her, looking like a ghost, with her arm around her sone Zack. This thing just about brought me to tears.
This is an article I wrote about her after she passed away ---

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Another Thankful Thursday post. Do you spend each day appreciating every little thing in your life?

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For everyone who has a colostomy. Here is your Halloween card!

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Some simple things to be thankful for. Thankful Thursday --- What are you thankful for?

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Made chilli for dinner while granddaughter napped.

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After you have survived cancer and been told to go off and live your life you might feel just a little lost. Our blog post today has tips to help you get off on the right foot walking down the path of survivorship. Take a look at the article here>>

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