What do you call yourself, or what do you like to be called?

Cancer Patient, Survivor, Fighter, Warrior, Victim, or something else? Our blog post today has some background on the terms and how some of our fellow members feel about some of these terms. Take a look at the article here>> then please share!

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It's amazing how your preception of other people changes over the years. Now when I see someone in their 70's and 80's I think of my parents.

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How often do you guys get an exam?

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This is primarily aimed at those with dementia, but from personal experience of taking care of two sets of parents in their final days all with different chronic diseases, this applies to those of us taking care of elderly cancer patients.

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I am honored and proud to say I have been nominated again this year in the WEGO Health Awards for "Patient Leader Hero". I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm honored all the same. Thank you to those who have nominated, if you would like to nominate WhatNext for one of the WEGO Health Awards, click here and choose the category you think our Community fits in >>

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Our blog post today is about that one side effect that most of us seem to get. Chemo Brain. Some of us get it for just a few months, some have it for a few years, while others keep it for decades. It causes anxiety, stress, worry, and just is a terrible side effect to have to deal with. Today's blog post has more detailed information about what is causing this and what, if anything, can be done about it. Take a look at the post here>> Then, share with those people that wonder why you seem a bit "forgetful".

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It's hard to do but your energy and focus needs to be on fighting and surviving

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Do you think you can just decide what kind of day you're going to have and then have it? It seems like I wake up planning on having a good day and then things start happening that change that.

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Something to print off and post on your wall, mirror, car, where ever you need a boost.

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I get this quite often! They say low blood pressure, but mine runs high. What else would cause dizziness when getting up?

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