My Sweetie posted this on my Facebook page. She's a keeper! I told her I would check back with her in a few weeks when we get home from the hospital and I ring the bell every 10 minutes to have her get me something, to see if she still feels that way.

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Having dealt with cancer for a few years now, I have learned a lot of this in this quote. Things will certainly change and we need those people in our lives that love us and support us.

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I have learned that regardless of how bad things are for me, there are always people out there that have things worse than I do and they would gladly trade places with me.

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As you look back on 2019, how would you rate your year? Having to deal with cancer knocks the overall score for 2019 down a few notches, but despite that, how was your year?

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Do you believe that no matter how your cancer fight turns out, that everything, in general, will end up working out?

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From all of us on the team at WhatNext to all of you. We hope you have a great Christmas free of pain, full of love and joy.

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For everyone who celebrates Christmas, we hope you are having as good of a Holiday season as you can given what we are faced with. And we hope that on Christmas morning you wake up and have all of the joy and happiness you can stand, strength to get you through, your load lightened, and oh yeah, that miracle thing would be good too!

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Have you found this to be true for you? Not only because of getting older but having cancer has sped all of this up and changed my priorities a bunch.

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Wishing for this for all of us!

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Have you heard the phrase "Live Your Best Life"?

It is a popular phrase that people from all walks of life are using. We were wondering just exactly what the heck someone means when they say it. Our blog post today examines a few different meanings, especially what those with cancer think. Read the article here>>

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