Have you seen the latest 2020 Cancer Facts and Figures from the American Cancer Society?

It's some pretty good news about the state of cancer diagnosis, treatments, and survival rates. Our blog post today has some details. Take a look here

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The joys of Insomnia, yes there is a bright side to insomnia. Last night when I was awake in bed, I saw the beautiful full moon. The sky had cleared for awhile. I didn't get up and take this picture; it is one I took in Boise. KandyKat was sleeping on my feet so I didn't want to disturb her. Besides it was cold. Most of the time I rather enjoy insomnia

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I know some people that have been what a lot of people would refer to as "health nuts". You know the type, always eating a salad when you're eating a greasy cheeseburger, they are always walking, going to a gym, and just trying to live a "healthy life' in general.

But still were diagnosed with cancer. So what's the deal? Does this mean that it just doesn't make any difference?

I am sure that these cases are just part of "the numbers" of cancer. Living a balanced and healthy life is best to help lower your chances of getting diagnosed with cancer. But it's not a guarantee that you won't.

What do you think?

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Tonight You Won't Be Able To Speak-What Will You Say Today?

This is something I was thinking about up to my surgery. Even the last minute before they rolled me to the operating room we were in the little cubicle holding area. The last thing I said with my old voice was I love you to my Sweetie. After the surgery and I woke up, I tried to talk just out of habit/reaction, nothing came out. Then I remembered why I was there. It's been 11 days today and every now and then I just open my mouth and try to speak out of habit. It's sad when nothing comes out. So I grab my Electric larnyx and talk, or just write it on a dry erase board. This post is on my thoughts after coming home and trying to adjust to life without a voice. Read it here >> or just go to the blog page.

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Today my Sweetie and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We have known each other, been with each other since 1969, that's 51 years! 32 of those years she has spent having to endure everything that the world of being a cancer patient brings with it. Still, she's right here beside me, right down the line.

Being committed to marriage for 40 years is not common these days in what most people call a "perfect" life, much less in a life that we have been through. So, if you're lucky enough to have a caregiver/wife in your life like mine, consider yourself having made it to the top. There could be none better. You have won the wife lottery.

These days a lot of people drop everything and run at the first sign of a challenge. My Sweetie has been here through it all, holding my hand when I needed it, holding my head when I couldn't hold it up, sleeping on hospital furniture, sometimes cots, or the floor, putting her life on hold to deal with what I have been unfortunate enough to have to endure. We have made more trips to places that deal with my cancer than we have to go do things that most people call fun.

Being the Manager of the WhatNext Cancer Support Network has given me a front-row seat to watch how so many people get abandoned by their significant others. I see time and time again where some short minded people say things like: "I didn't sign up for this", or "I just can't deal with this". For me, I can't imagine someone doing that.

Being a cancer patient sucks. It's hard, it's literally a life or death fight. Some days I feel like I've lost already, it feels like cancer has won, those days suck big, but Sweetie is always here to remind me that "Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do".

Other days I feel guilty that she has had to endure this road. I feel like that if it weren't for dealing with cancer we would have done so many more things, went more places, and had so many more of the "good times" instead of sitting in a medical facility of one kind or another.

But, through it all, we have found a way to squeeze in some good times, some fun days, and some great years, it's not all bad. One thing is for sure, we won't go down without a fight.

So Happy Anniversary to my love, my sweetie, and my life.

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Seems like good advice.

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Does it seem like each day doesn't get any better?

Each day we go through usually gets better. Sometimes it seems like they are not. Sometimes the simplest things will make a day better. Our blog post today has some simple ideas and simple thoughts to make life a little easier each day. Click here for the article>>

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This sketch was done for us by a member of our family. She does great sketches and calls them "doodles"

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I am sending this to Greg. Eeyor is my literary alter ego. I am so happy you are back home

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