Made this dish cloth as we sat and watched the sail boats to by our beach.

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This is a picture of Cotton, Barney and me with some agility equipment in the background. The dogs are getting older and I haven't actually done much agility at all in the past 2-1/2 years, but we sure enjoy it! Once it gets cooler, we'll probably go to the field for a few fun runs around the course! Barney earned lots of championships ... Cotton had a ton of fun without regard to the course design :)

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Happy Labor Day! We hope you can take some time and enjoy it, relax and recuperate!

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My Motivational talk with slides, @ #WHNCConf2018 in Nottingham, UK (Head & Neck Cancer) with slides

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Dedicated to The Will to Win

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It's important for us cancer patients to be prepared to evacuate in the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane. Here is the latest hurricane prediction. Stay prepared!

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Woodworking is one of my biggest hobbies right now. I made a few of these signs for our Vet's animal clinics.

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For pastor and wife's new baby (For Baby Jenisha)

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Some of my colorings!

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