Sometimes you just need to get it off your mind, right?

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Wake up and DO IT!

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Since your diagnosis, are you worried that one day you will run out of time?

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I love music, I think it helps me get through all of the horrible things that I have had to go through in all of this. I will listen to o way more than 5 to 10 though. Do you think music helps you?

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I try to do most of these things each day. What do you do in the morning that helps you get through the day? It seems like I still need to do more to stay positive and upbeat in all of this.

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Do you ever have regrets about the way you lived before cancer? I often sit and think about all of the things I did before cancer and wonder if I did something wrong.

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This is how I feel most of the time, don't try to save me or take over my life while I'm fighting, just be there with me while I do it! But, I do appreciate everyone helping me along the way with the little things that become big things when we are down.

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Have you heard the saying: "when someone gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer"? It's true, and we are all affected, and we can all do something to help. You can help here by simply answering some questions and even asking questions. The majority of our members browse the questions page looking for questions and answers that pertain to their current issues. By answering or asking questions you are helping those people get the information they need.

So please, chime in on any subject that you can add some information to. As always, we thank you for supporting each other!

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For everyone that has gotten the good news!

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My sweetie posted this on my facebook page today to remind me of this. We are going to see Queen tomorrow night! Looking forward to it. As an extra bonus, our friend's son is a drummer/percussionist touring with them. He does a drum duel with Queen's drummer Roger Taylor at one point through the night. He is experiencing a once in a lifetime dream. We are looking forward to it.
#BuyTheDamnConcertTickets #LiveYourLifeNotYourCancer

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