Who is using any alternative products to help with pain, appetite or other issues?'s coooool.

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#ThankfulThursday - Even when we are in the heat of the battle and things are not going well, we can always find something to be thankful for. What can you find today that you are thankful for?

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Do you ever feel broken?

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October is Healthy Lung Month - Do your part to keep your lungs as healthy as they can be. Check out our post on the blog page about keeping lungs healthy for healthy lung month. Take a look here

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Do you have an image-guided biopsy scheduled? Our blog post today has information about them, what they are, how they are done, and why they are used. Take a look at the article here>>

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Congrats to Debbie Biddle’s. Her artwork titled “Whirlwind” is the winner of the CURE® magazine cover contest. As a cancer survivor, her image shows the ‘whirlwind’ she went through during the diagnosis and treatment process, as well as life as a survivor.

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I give you all a great big THANK YOU! For many reasons, first for being with us, second for sharing your stories with others so that they may find it a little easier to make it through their own fight, and third for going the extra mile and answering a few questions, commenting on other's updates and journey posts, and encouraging each other along the way. PLEASE, continue to do that. All we have here is each other. Simply making a few posts, answering a few questions, and sharing your own story and experiences very well could be the thing that helps someone through a sleepless night.

So again THANK YOU!! I appreciate what you all do for each other.

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Good Sunday morning!

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Wishing everyone a great Caturday. I am trying to get back to WhatNext after a very bad patch of both non-cancer and cancer complications. I hope to be able to post some each day

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Sunset in Georgia.

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