Is fatigue getting you down? How have you learned to deal with it? We have some good articles on our blog page about dealing with fatigue.

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I think this describes me and a few others I know. I will do it, I will be a fierce combatant, I will win, but....I don't have to like the whole process.

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Mrs. MacCay posted this on our FB Group page. I'm sorry to read it:

Marven Allen MacCay gained his wings 7/21/19. He Got his wish to be able to stay at home surrounded by his family thank you everyone for your prayers during this time

Rest in peace BigA! @biga17133

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It's Friday, so half of being an amazing day is already taken care of!

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Concentrate your energy only on what we can control, look for the good in life that's around you. It's there, even when you have to look a little harder.

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And this one is shaking her head!

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Yes, I am grateful for the life I've been given a second chance at, and all of the blessings I have in it!

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Cancer patients are at a higher risk of falling during treatments than someone not going through it.

Our blog post today has some common sense tips to help us stay steady and possibly prevent a costly fall. Our bodies are going through enough already and we don't need a broken arm, hip, or leg to add to the problems! Read the article here>>

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I'm just curious if any of you have ever looked something up on the internet and then asked your Doctor about it? I know there are tactful ways of asking questions, but I can imagine they get frustrated with people that say they looked it up, and this is what they should be doing to me/for me. Anybody?

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We need to start smacking cancer around! If you get knocked down, take your time, catch your breath, and get back up swinging!

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