It's another #GivingTuesday sit by your door, maybe someone will stop by your house and give you something, other than the virus.

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Which do you usually choose? I'm planning for my next surgery next week.

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It's just all in your perspective

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I hope your Monday is better than mine. I feel like I am living in very bad apocalyptic horror movie. Tuesday I was visited by a giant murder hornet. Adding another panic button for me to manage beside the pandemic button and my usual panic buttons. Then I have the cancer family. I have a bunch of sores on my skin that look suspicious and I am afraid to go for my long overdue check-up because of the virus.

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It's National Nurse's Week. Thank your nurse!

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Spring is here, and all of us are ready for warmer weather and sunshine. But wait just a minute. While we need sunshine for Vitamin D production, too much sun is linked to melanoma and other skin cancers. Moderation and liberal use of sunscreen help protect us from skin damage by the sun. Avoid the risks by reading and applying the tips in our blog post today, click here to read the article>>

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This picture was shared on FB. I saw one 4 days ago on my balcony I thought it was some huge variety of yellow jacket then this comes up on FB

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I try to relax on Sunday and not think about the cancer that's trying to kill me.

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For Pink Floyd fans. Here is a series of 10-second videos that show carving out this piece. It's a girl sitting in a window listening to Pink Floyd albums with the Pink Floyd album logos carved into the piece.

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Since I've had cancer over the last year or so I've been told by a number of people that if I had been drinking this, or eating that, or taking this secret herb that I wouldn't have gotten cancer or it will kill my cancer. The average person wandering out in public these days is an idiot.

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