Do you ever feel broken?

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October is Healthy Lung Month - Do your part to keep your lungs as healthy as they can be. Check out our post on the blog page about keeping lungs healthy for healthy lung month. Take a look here

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Do you have an image-guided biopsy scheduled? Our blog post today has information about them, what they are, how they are done, and why they are used. Take a look at the article here>>

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Congrats to Debbie Biddle’s. Her artwork titled “Whirlwind” is the winner of the CURE® magazine cover contest. As a cancer survivor, her image shows the ‘whirlwind’ she went through during the diagnosis and treatment process, as well as life as a survivor.

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I give you all a great big THANK YOU! For many reasons, first for being with us, second for sharing your stories with others so that they may find it a little easier to make it through their own fight, and third for going the extra mile and answering a few questions, commenting on other's updates and journey posts, and encouraging each other along the way. PLEASE, continue to do that. All we have here is each other. Simply making a few posts, answering a few questions, and sharing your own story and experiences very well could be the thing that helps someone through a sleepless night.

So again THANK YOU!! I appreciate what you all do for each other.

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Good Sunday morning!

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Wishing everyone a great Caturday. I am trying to get back to WhatNext after a very bad patch of both non-cancer and cancer complications. I hope to be able to post some each day

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Sunset in Georgia.

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Happiness is...

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This is a level I colonoscopy prep room!

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