Blue skies over Lake Sinclair, Georgia.

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Male house finch are so interesting. The color of their head feathers is influenced by diet and may be red or reddish-purple.

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Our blog post today is about the hobbies we have and how having something to do keeps your mind and body active. The mental benefits are several, but the main one is that it keeps your mind off of the negative things and on the positive things. Like I always say, one of the best things I taught myself to do years ago is that, keep your mind OFF what you DON'T want and ON what you DO want. You will have a much happier life if you can do that. Having a hobby is just one little step you can take to help you keep your mind straight. Take a look at the article here>>

Also, please post any pictures you may have of your hobby on the pinboard here, I will copy them and add them to the rest of the pictures in this article.

Thank you! And we hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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I spend a lot of time wondering how my cat can be comfortable lying in positions like that!

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A few of my hobbies that I have posted before. Playing music, woodworking a steamer trunck made for our Neice and a jewelry box made for sister-in-law, mom, and my sister. I made my Sweetie one a few years ago too. And lastly, riding motorcycles has always been a blast. This picture is when my brother-in-law and a couple other friends and I took a trip out to Colorado. We were gone for a week riding. It was a blast. Sadly, I have the old girl up for sale now, the motorcycle, not my Sweetie. :)

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Double Chocolate cookies! Secret recipe that I don't share!

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Barbie dress for granddaughter. Best dressed Barbies on the block.

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Made this outfit for Natalie's birthday.

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I think this fits us cancer fighters. Especially the "hope for tomorrow" part.

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You can have grandma knit up some of these. They look comfy!

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