As you look back on 2019, how would you rate your year? Having to deal with cancer knocks the overall score for 2019 down a few notches, but despite that, how was your year?

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Make the days count!

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It's that time of year again....New Year's resolutions. Our blog post today has a little help for you to decide on what's a good resolution. Don't punish yourself by picking a resolution that you certainly won't be able to stick with. Small steps are better than giant steps at this point. Read the article here>>

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To all of our friends and Whatnext family

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This is so true, enjoy your time with loved ones every day, make them count, we don't know which one will be our last.

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Something I made for Sweetie. Her Mom wrote this on a post-it note before she died. Donna found it while looking through some things. I put it in my computer and carved it on this piece of barn wood and cut out the heart shape.

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Yes it can, a year and all the treatments, side effects, procedures, and life added to it.

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I think most cancer patients will agree that Christmas means a little more, don't you?

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Our family wishes you all the miracles, strength, and good health that you need! Merry Christmas and let's hope a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!

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Merry Christmas everyone

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