And here she is! My first successful monarch. The first two emerged today. I called my first three Eddy, Freddy, and Teddy. Eddy and Freddy turned out to be Edwina and Fredricka....Teddy should give us a gender reveal by tomorrow!

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Sometimes I have to look a little harder to find the good, but it's there!

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We all need more of all of these!

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Painting with watercolors has been my salvation during the pandemic. I've bought some used art books through Amazon (super cheap and barely used) and have been learning. Keeps my brain from going into dark places.

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Do you think your "spirit" knows when something is up with your body? Can you tell when something is just a little off?

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Everything will be Okay, one way or the other.

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We have all experienced negative thoughts and feelings at diagnosis, during treatment, and afterward. Although it may be “normal” to experience negativity, those negative thoughts and feelings only serve to drag us down — robbing us of today’s joy. Follow this link for the article>>

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Fighting cancer back is hard, nothing fun or good about that part. But, when you look around your immediate life, at what you have, you will see that it could always be worse. And even in spite of having cancer, life can still be good. I try to remind myself of this every day.

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I kind of feel like this tree. It got knocked down years ago but it has adapted and keeps reaching up.

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How are you doing today?

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