Winter in Georgia doesn't present a lot of photo opportunities, but here's what I found yesterday. This is "turkey tail" - a fungus that is reputed to have cancer fighting properties. Grows on stumps in the woods in moist, shady conditions.

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I'm in the Boston area.Had to call AAA last Sunday .My battery had to be re-charged,before I could leave to do grocery shopping.I'm so done with winters

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Good Friday morning to everyone. The weather is supposed to get back to "normal" this weekend so it's a good time to call someone in your family and get together for a visit. My life-changing cancer diagnoses have made me realize that we all need to get together more often because one of these days we will be saying what the last thing we said to each other was. Get out there and have a great weekend!

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This is a good idea to stay positive.

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It's weird, but we are kind of like a plant.

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Some studies show that drinking alcohol is a risk factor for developing cancer, especially for oral, breast and liver cancers. Other studies show consuming small quantities of alcohol protect against heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Still, other studies show that red wine might prevent cancer. So does alcohol and cancer mix? Our blog post today has more information.

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I have found this to be true! I think about happy times, my loved ones, good times we have had together and the plans we have to go places and do things we love. Keep my mind on the good and off of the bad. I think I heard that here first, it works for me!

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Every time I hear someone complaining about some trivial thing and making drama over nothing, I tell them this.

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Hopefully, the worst of my cancer experiences are behind me now, I'm recovering from side effects, and on a maintenance medicine. My family and some friends don't understand why I don't just snap back to my old self. They all say my cancer is gone, come on, let's get back to life. I think this picture says it all, they will never understand until it happens to them.

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It was really cold this morning.

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