This is a video of putting an Adirondack swing together that took me just under 2 days, condensed to 10 seconds

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You know what they say, "The 5th Time's The Charm". No, nobody says that, unless it's your 5th time going a few rounds with cancer. Over the last few weeks I have had a pain develop in my neck on both sides. Left side has a tender spot that I was suspicious of being a swollen lymph node, the right side has a spot that hurts/burns/stings/whatever when I swallow. Our doctor visit last Friday was concerning to Dr. Rohde so she ordered a CT scan. Lucky for me, there was hardly anyone at Vandy because of the lockdown, so I went directly to radiology and had the scan. The results came yesterday.
"Status post left total laryngectomy with left pectoral flap.
Abnormal area of ringlike enhancement in the left neck adjacent to
the carotid bifurcation worrisome for neoplastic disease."
So, layman's terms, cancer is 99% back. The spot on the left is in fact a lymph node. This is concerning since there were no lymph nodes involved at that surgery in January and the doctor had clean margins. Which means that it was all cut out.
This means I have a relapse or possibly a new type of cancer. The plan at this point is to have surgery to take out the lymph node, biopsy, and plan. Before the node is taken out she will biopsy the spot on the right side to be sure it's not something serious also. If not, the node comes out and we plan for further treatment. If it is something, a totally new plan has to be drawn up.
So, it was a nice 3 months off from cancer, time to go back to work.

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I am finding this to be more and more true!

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Yep, I have body parts hurting and we are just one day into this week!

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Like Jane, I am painting songbirds during this time. This is a house finch, done in watered down acrylic.

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Here is my finished project on the swing. I carved the customer's name into one of the back slats for a bit of personalization.

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Just a reminder from the Fabulous Felines to all those who celebrated Earth Day last Wednesday. Have a happy Caturday

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My current wood working project. I'm building the swing in this picture. Someone wanted a swing and I liked this one so I'm building it from the picture. I should have it done today.

Hobbies keep your mind occupied. What do you do for a hobby? Let's see some more of your hobby pictures.

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This is ground zero, this is where it all started.

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