You've got the cutest little baby face!

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I saw a book title that was something like Stronger where Broken. That really spoke to me. I feel like I am stronger spiritually (mentally, psychologically) because of my cancer diagnosis.

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Our September Newsletter is out! You should have received it in your inbox on the email address that you use for WhatNext, but if you didn't, just click here>>

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New treatment plan for high stress

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And don't base them on the advice of people who have never had cancer, but they "heard" that this applepinagrapefruitberryjuice would cure you!

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Here we go again. Yesterday afternoon I fell on my face and hit my head. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the Urgent Care. Then they sent me to the ER and I finally got home at 10:35 PM. I have a roaring concussion and need to go back the the Brain Injury people and possible some PT I have to go to my PCP today anyway to get an infection from another fall so that can be the follow-up, I am lucky that I have not broken bones. My nose is only brused not broke. But I have to clean the blood off the kitchen floor because it is attracting ants.
It seems I have issues with the "Law of Gravitiy"

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From CHECK 15: our goal is to create a Monthly Cancer Awareness Day. On the 15th day of every month, we'll be hitting the internet with a reminder to break down barriers around the cancer conversation (with a healthy dose of humor). This month, apply yourself & pay attention to the chemistry of your body... Because cancer is not the danger... YOU ARE THE DANGER.

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