I think the longer most of us remain on our journey, the more we recognize the truth in this statement.

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Day 1 at home after surgery and 6 days in the hospital. This is what it looks like when cancer sends the 4th and 5th soldier to kill you, but you beat the XXX back for now. I've made it to my chair and have gotten some good sleep last night. The second picture is my breakfast. This morning it was cracker barrel. Man, it was just like it. Tonight I will imagine that it's a fresh filet that I have grilled. Just for fun. And just so you know, everything on TV advertising food when you can't eat, all looks good, and I want some of it.

My current status is that I am to stay at home and continue what we were doing in the hospital. I have to do liquid tube feedings 5 times a day and give my meds by feeding tube. I can't have anything by mouth until they determine that the surgery to rebuild my esophagus was successful. That will be maybe this Friday, the next appointment with my doctor that is recreating the 6 million dollar man.

I got more sleep last night in my chair than during the last week in the hospital. My chair will do wonders for healing, along with the dogs and Sweetie Donna. My biggest issue is the constant drainage and mucus production that is going on in this head.

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How is your anxiety this morning? Our mind has a way of making us think that we have to fix everything right now. When it comes to a cancer diagnosis we can't do it. Things will take a while, some things will seem like it's going to take forever. Relax, take a breath, and just handle what needs handling this today. Tomorrow, do the same, the days in the future will take care of themselves.

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Dedicated to The Will to Win

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Made this for my granddaughter who just turned four yesterday! I'm lucky to have my sweet granddaughters in my life!

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Wickham Lake, Warwick NY
I took this in October 2015. I can’t believe how time flies! Earlier the summer I went on a 5 mile kayaking ride with a friend from high school. We went from this lake to a small stream. Then that fed into a marshy area that was like a maze until we hit another small river. Then we took that to a different park in town. We did the 2- car method where we parked one car downstream, then drove upstream and launched there.

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It's all in where you focus your energy!

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No matter what the new day brings, hold your head up high and make the most of it!

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And....if you're fighting cancer at one of those ends it compounds the problem.

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Have you ever told someone that they just wouldn't understand unless they walked a mile in your shoes? Add this to that statement, and have them bring back some wine.

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