Do you think your "spirit" knows when something is up with your body? Can you tell when something is just a little off?

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Everything will be Okay, one way or the other.

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We have all experienced negative thoughts and feelings at diagnosis, during treatment, and afterward. Although it may be “normal” to experience negativity, those negative thoughts and feelings only serve to drag us down — robbing us of today’s joy. Follow this link for the article>>

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Fighting cancer back is hard, nothing fun or good about that part. But, when you look around your immediate life, at what you have, you will see that it could always be worse. And even in spite of having cancer, life can still be good. I try to remind myself of this every day.

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Sweet Caroline is temporarily banned

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Our Newsletter which has a recap of the most popular blog posts of the month and more is out. You should get it in your email inbox for the email you used to join WhatNext, if you don't, just click this link>>

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I continue to use a very simple life hack for getting through the tough times, hard procedures, or tough days. It is simply telling myself that I can handle ANYTHING for xxxxx minutes. So if I have an inept technician that's digging in my arm for a vein, I just keep telling myself that it will be over in xxxxx minutes, I can take it. For things that are longer term, like my recovery, I again remind myself that while this sucks right now, it won't last forever. Each day will be better than the last. I remember back to 2009 when I had the 2nd toughest surgery I've ever had when I didn't think I could do it, but before I knew it, I was up and back to work.

So, if you're having a tough day, remember that you can handle it, in the words of Darius Rucker, "It won't be like this for long".

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I saw this on FB today and think it represents what a cancer patient goes through very well.

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Our guest blog post today is from our own @Omalayce, she shares her experiences with 4 types of cancer,

including her most recent with breast cancer. Take a look at her post here>>

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We lost Sen. John Lewis to Pancreatic Cancer, another reminder that cancer is not racist.

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