This is why I couldn't have an emotional support dog, he would probably leave after hearing all my problems!

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Are you missing someone tonight.

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This is a brain exercise test that some doctors use to measure your cognitive level. The challenge is to find the camel. Comment if you find it.

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I see a lot of Charlie Brown and Snoopy Memes, I thought this one was funny.

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Now we know the real reason there is no cure for cancer!

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This is what it would look like if I tried these coloring books! No skills.

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I often say that my body is like a 57 Buick and I'm running out of parts and can't find any new ones!

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Not something you want to hear from your surgeon as you are going to sleep!

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Our blog post today is about things we wish we had known about before cancer. There are lots of them, this is just 10 of the most popular things. Take a look here, and tell us what are some things you wish you had known?

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Do you have a heart full of gratitude in spite of having cancer? Doing so won't cure your cancer any quicker, but will make your path in getting to that goal a whole lot more tolerable.

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