Still living life!

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That time of year-- It took over 3 months for my hounds to get used to standard time-----Egads I hate this.

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Jax is so cute. He's the youngest hound, but he's the pack leader.

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Made this for my granddaughter who just turned four yesterday! I'm lucky to have my sweet granddaughters in my life!

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BEEN THERE, DONE THAT: PRACTICAL TIPS & WISDOM FROM CANCER SURVIVORS FOR CANCER PATIENTS is a "how-to" manual that I wrote, featuring nineteen (19) cancer survivors. It is a book that serves as a central guidebook; something we all wish we had while going through treatments. We share, because we want to help save cancer patients and survivors time trying to figure out how to cope and navigate life, simultaneously. This manual contains various ways and practical ideas on how to deal with various treatments, medical devices, side effects, emotions, medical terms, including how to adjust to daily life activities, e.g. children, driving, moving around, sexual intimacy, family/relationships, finances/health insurance, employment matters, nutrition, appointments, integrative healthcare, etc. There are also chapters that provide great motivations and address survivorship issues.

NOTE: This book is very personal and detailed. We share our challenges, but also how we grew from them and have triumphed over cancer. Although some of us have stage IV cancers, we continue to thrive and not let cancer dictate how we move forward. We sincerely hope this book will serve to support your needs as you battle this horrible disease.

This "how-to" manual is available online in both paperback and e-book formats on (US, UK, Denmark, France, Italy & Spain) and If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let me (Amor) know. I can be reached at or through our site.<3

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WhatNexter "Beachbum5817" has our dose of inspiration for the week with her cancer survival story.

She is seven months past that pivotal milestone of 5-year survivor. She has shared her story from finding the lump to diagnosis, through treatments, and on to survivorship. Take a look at it on our blog page here>>

Would you share your inspiring cancer survivor story? Drop us an email to greg @ whatnext . com for details on how to do it.

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I painted these rocks while going through chemo (when I had the energy). they have Scripture references on the back and my friends took them and left them various places all over the US - and even Spain! I hope people who find them will choose to look up the scripture, but if they don't that's fine - I like to think a bird nest image is a message of life and hope, and that is what I wish to share.

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1 year after Mastectomy and chemo, feeling fabulous!

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6 year TNBC and thyroid cancer survivor

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2.5 years cancer free. Waiting for biopsy results of possible recurrence. Crossing my fingers.

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