1 year after Mastectomy and chemo, feeling fabulous!

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6 year TNBC and thyroid cancer survivor

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2.5 years cancer free. Waiting for biopsy results of possible recurrence. Crossing my fingers.

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My digital prints drawn in Photoshop, in the Monmouth Museum show.

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My friend Theresa DeSalvio and I, and six other artists, have work in a show at the Monmouth Museum. All of us had some form of cancer. Theresa is the one on the right; I’m on the left.

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Full Snow Moon in the Yucatan

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Voting in New Mexico. No matter what your language is-vote!!

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This is our Sweetie Girl cousin. Donna and I and her Aunt and Uncle went to MO. to surprise her for her birthday over the weekend. It was good to see her. She has 9 chemo sessions down and 7 to go, followed by Double Mas., radiation, and reconstruction. She's doing well right now but still has a long road ahead.

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This is my first boot and my old hood. Jax chewed stitches out and my old hood off. I really don't want to wear them at all. I am a shameless hound.

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See what happens when your bro loves you? You end up on Chloe's lap, hand fed string cheese, because I was a brave boy when a new boot was put on me. This is my 4th boot, and tomorrow I get to go to the vet again.

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