Yes, please do. Hang on, not all storms will last forever but we sometimes need help getting through them.

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March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month along with others. Our blog post today has information about prostate cancer as well as new studies and treatments being used for the treatment of prostate cancer.

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Dogs can teach us a lot. Sometimes they are wiser than you would think.

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This is how I feel about dealing with cancer these days.

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I borrowed this from a fellow Voice of Hope and a cancer survivor. It's a great post. I think if we all think about this for a minute we can all relate and then chuckle a little bit. Here lately I'm often having trouble with this very issue.

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This reminds me of right after I was first diagnosed and all of the well-meaning friends and relatives started giving me the "You Got This" line.

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Have you ever given this quote much thought? Before I was diagnosed with cancer I never gave this any thought. When you think about it, it Is saying if you don't have your good health then you don't have anything. Is this true? Is this the only way it can be? And it then would mean that if you do have good health, you have everything. Does that mean it comes with a new house and a new truck?

I will say that when I think about it, I do think that having extremely poor health that lots of the things that most people would want aren't important as much anymore. But, at the same time when I had years of clean health, I didn't have things showered down on us.

It's all in your own mind's line of thinking. How do you interpret this?

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Do you ever look in the mirror and just shake your head at all of the scars? Mine is so bad by now that I could throw a dart at myself and would most likely hit a scar.

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At times, I begin to feel the weight of all of this piling up on me. Do any of you ever feel like this?

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Have you been faced with deciding to go to the ER or to go to a local Urgent Care?

The Urgent Care Facilities have made a big splash in the health care scene in the last 10 years or less. Each has situations that are perfect for them, our blog post today will help you with that. Take a look here>>

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