You don't have to do it all in one day.

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Our blog post today is about the science behind CBD oils and their benefits or not, this article is from a Company that is pro CBD and sells different products. You can read and judge for yourself.

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This is a line from a popular song out on the radio over the last couple of months by Luke Combs. It's a song about different situations in life when a person is leaving someone, from leaving his little boy's room to leaving school, to leaving to serve in the service, to leaving at death. It's a touching song. Our cousin, who died this summer from metastatic breast cancer, her husband has found solice in this tune. I carved this sign with that line

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November is National Family Caregiver's Month. Thank you to everyone who is or has been a caregiver, without you we might not make it!

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Net cancer awareness month and Net Cancer Day is today November 10th

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These are good things to remember or think about when we are going through the toughest of times. I have this and many more inspirational quotes taped to my fridge and other places around the house.

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I sometimes have a hard time pulling myself out of a place of darkness.

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Even if you don't care for R&B music, this is a gentle song with backing vocals from Brandy. It's a pretty good song.

R&B crooner MAJOR. gets a helping hand from legendary singer Brandy for his latest release, “Ever More.”

In the supporting visual sans Brandy, MAJOR. voices in the intro, “I am so proud of you / You haven’t quit, you won’t quit, cause we don’t quit.” He spends the rest of the clip delivering the heartwarming song on a stage-like platform. Brandy’s stunning voice and classic tone compliment the duet, which serves as a “tribute in honor of Cancer Survivorship and the LOVE that fuels that fight to overcome.”

“Ever More” oozes love and inspiration as MAJOR. sings, “Yesterday I loved you / Today I think I love you even more / Yesterday I needed you / Today feels like I need you even more.”

MAJOR. wrote on Instagram to his almost 150K followers, “We did this for You… be loved,” adding in another post, “ur not a burden, ur loved… even more.”

“Even More” is the title love song from MAJOR.’s upcoming album, ‘Ever More.’ A portion of proceeds from the sale of the song will go to Cancer Research Organizations.

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Here is a sign I made for Sweetie this week. This sort of describes how we deal with each issue that pops up for either of us. It's the attitude that I've had from the beginning 32 years ago. Whatever pops up, we will deal with it, kick it out of the way, and move on.

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If the mountain is too tall....

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