I can only hope that my talking to others about my cancer will help them realize that it's not a death sentence.

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Bless all those that are literally on the front lines.

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Destress your #CancerLife by decluttering your home. Our blog post today has tips to get you started while you're in isolation.

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I hope you are hearing the birds sing over your head some more. The song they sing right now is that no storm has ever lasted forever and that we are all in this together. You are worthy in this time of peace, hope and healing.
I hope you see that staying put means moving forward and doing less means more. I hope the smiles you give out to the world are like arrows of love right now. May you witness in this time like never before that kindness and unity will save the day. ~ S.C. Lourie

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When you have too much time on your hands. Toilet art.

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Here's what's kept me busy for the last week, and probably for another one. I'm building Adirondack chairs. Our Nephew and Niece wanted another set. We built them some 10 years ago. These are a little different version. They sit upright a little more so it's not as hard to get out of them. They are aptly called, "Grandpa" Adirondack chairs.

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That camel is running from the virus.

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Snoop Dog has good advice. .... . I never thought I'd be saying that.

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I'm still waiting for Spring. It's still cold and raining here. Some warm weather will go a long way to making me feel so much better.

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Along with the theme of being kind on the site.

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