My Santa's workshop is in production. This is a "noodle board" to put over the range. This is one of a couple things I'm making for Donna's favorite Aunt.

Have you ever heard of these? I hadn't. Apparently, They are a thing.

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Every time I hear a particular song, I think of the day I was diagnosed because it was on the radio when I came out of the doctor's office. Now I call it my "cancer song". Do any of you have a song like this?

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Thank you to all who served and their families.

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How is your sleep going? Getting plenty, or not at all, or somewhere in between?

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I try to look at all of the blessings in life that we have. But man it's hard keeping the stress and dark thoughts out.

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Which stage of life are you in right now?

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Anyone else feel like this is about all that will be done today?

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I certainly hope so. I'm having a hard time getting up for the next treatment each week.

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Are you guilty of doing this? Sometimes we automatically go to the worst case scenario each time we have a strange cough or feel a sore spot.

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