I cannot believe that some of my so called "best friends" have just disappeared since I got diagnosed. I've needed a couple of them to be here for me and they just ignored me. Have any of you had that happen?

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I love Sunday, since I've started treatments I find that for some reason I can relax and distance myself from treatments and cancer and just chill out. I feel much better starting Monday out.

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One of my favorite quotes that I look to every time I start thinking that I won't survive the next stage I'm going through.

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Can you stay in the moment? Or do you have trouble doing so?

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An interesting view of where health comes from. What do you think?

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Is your warning light on?

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Happy Valentine's Day to all! I hope you have a Sweetie as wonderful as mine!

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Sweetie and I in the holding area waiting for them to come take me to the OR. This was the last time she would hear my voice as it was. My last two weeks from surgery through recovery is detailed in my latest blog post, read it here>>

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I ran across this graphic on Facebook this morning. It fits me pretty good right now.

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I know some people that have been what a lot of people would refer to as "health nuts". You know the type, always eating a salad when you're eating a greasy cheeseburger, they are always walking, going to a gym, and just trying to live a "healthy life' in general.

But still were diagnosed with cancer. So what's the deal? Does this mean that it just doesn't make any difference?

I am sure that these cases are just part of "the numbers" of cancer. Living a balanced and healthy life is best to help lower your chances of getting diagnosed with cancer. But it's not a guarantee that you won't.

What do you think?

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