Have a good day everyone!

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since I'm done with treatments these are some of the doctors that I try to see each day.

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And on top of that, getting older with cancer sucks more.

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Taking care of a Parent is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but one of the most rewarding. The roles have reversed and you are the one taking care of their every need in their last days, just like they took care of your every need in your first days.

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So, my take from this quote is that if we control our attitude about what's happening to us then we can control our feelings and attitude while going through this and not let cancer dictate how we feel and what our attitude is each day. What do you think? Easy enough or no way you can do it?

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It's all in where you focus your energy!

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The Testicular Cancer Society recognizes April as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Here is our page on Living With Testicular Cancer >>

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Someone once asked me how hard of a fight is it with cancer? For anyone that doesn't know, this is how hard you fight.

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What if today, on April Fools' day someone told you that you really didn't have cancer, it was all just a bad joke? That would be OK with me, how about you?

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Can life after cancer include dating? Ms. Jane's Blog Post today has some information that might help you. Take a look here>>

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