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Rain is falling, figuratively and physically. It's been raining for weeks here and this stupid virus is causing quite a cloud over all of us.

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People sometimes see me laying around on the couch when it's nice outside and think I'm lazy. These are family members who know what I'm going through. They think that just because the sun is shining that I should magically feel like going outside and doing things.

I do go out but I just sit in a chair and enjoy the warm sunshine.

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Tomorrow I will check into that big building at Vanderbilt and enter as myself and exit a week or so later as myself 2.0 newer and improved. Like the 6 million dollar man. That's probably about what the bill will be.
I have my posse with me so we're going to dinner tonight and I'm eating like it's a "last meal" since it will be for a couple months.

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I hope you find something great in this week! There is usually something great and something to be thankful for.

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I hope everyone is having a good week of killing cancer this week.

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I keep getting people that tell me what they did when they had cancer, what drugs they took, what vitamins or juice they drank. I want to scream at them and say "You're NOT me"!

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Good morning all! We hope you're getting a good start to the week!

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Today's blog post has some good information and resources for financial assistance

Lack of money to pay for the never ending expenses is a side effect of cancer that we can't get away from and there's no pill we can take to fix it. Help is what we need. Here are a few resources, and a link to our existing resources page that has tons of places that offer help in different forms for cancer patients.

Today's blog post is here>>
Please share on any of your social platforms that are cancer related.

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Some of us cancer patients might not "look like" a cancer patient, whatever that is supposed to be, but we all fight. Cancer does not look the same on all of us!

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