During the pandemic, I have learned to bake sourdough bread from my own starter. It's really easy and super tasty!

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I get really frustrated trying to explain to people that no. I'm not an idiot. I just can't explain what letter comes next

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I've had a hard time dealing with the reality of a recurrence and the unknown of what's coming next. It's out of my hands, yes. But it's awfully hard to get it out of my mind. How do you do it?

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Don't test me! I'm going to have two of them. Double draw!

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Most of us that have been diagnosed with cancer already have a few marks from it. Either surgery, treatments, or side effects of both leave marks on us. I posted an article about some of the obvious and some not-so-obvious ways that cancer has left marks on me. Here is the link to the article>>

How has cancer left a mark on you?

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Tomorrow I will join the ranks of some of you that have already been down the immunotherapy road. It's a new one, so I expect it to be paved very smoothly. Also, a branch of that road is down the clinical trial lane, again, very well paved and hopefully, smooth as well. My latest rambling thoughts about what's happening tomorrow. Here>>

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What kind of side effects have you had from treatments or directly from cancer?

Were any of them embarrassing? Strange? Funny? Our blog post today talks about the importance of relaying on to your doctor any side effects you may be dealing with, embarrassing, or not. They could be serious, or just an odd thing. Take a look at our article here,, and comment below on what type of side effects you have had.

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Ask any newly diagnosed cancer patient what they fear about having cancer and having to have chemotherapy will be at the top of most lists. Our blog post today has things that you need to know to get prepared for chemo.

Take a look at the article here, and please share!

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Here is that same picture posted earlier below that I carved on my CNC router

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Today's Blog Post has some information to help you understand what are "Out of Network" charges. Some are from doctors, others are for hospital, treatment facility, or other medical offices. Take a look at our article here>> and after reading, please hit those share buttons on the post to share with others.

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