Hoping all WhatNexters in the storm's path are safe and warm. This is just a little hump and will be soon on it's way

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This picture was shared on Facebook. It is a picture taken while flying through a rainbow. A truely different prospective. Truely beautiful

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Nature as medicine in 2019 at Mount Two Top by West Yellowstone, Montana. A Montana trip was my "reward" after chemo last year and I was lucky enough to visit again in much better health. Best wishes for finding *your* medicine!

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Your chemo center and radiation center were closed on yesterday. But it's time to get back into treatment - either in the mold for radiation or in the chemo chair. Best wishes for treatment success.

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I took this on one of the last walks I had before leaving my beautiful mountains to come to SC for my treatment. Those mountains soothed my soul and are part of the driving force for me to fight this with everything I have so I can return.

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Happy Hanukkah to all Jewish WhatNexters

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This was shared on Facebook this morning. I think is is an awesome picture.

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It's freezing rain today. The snow is creeping down the mountain. We are expecting the first snow in the valley next week.

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And....if you're fighting cancer at one of those ends it compounds the problem.

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Have you ever told someone that they just wouldn't understand unless they walked a mile in your shoes? Add this to that statement, and have them bring back some wine.

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