My youngest daughter and I in Progresso last February on a Carnival Cruise.

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My wife's favorite flower is the Sunflower. I'm here to make her life a little easier. She is MY Sunflower.

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Voting in New Mexico. No matter what your language is-vote!!

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November is lung cancer awareness month and our blog post today is about mesothelioma, one type of lung cancer associated with asbestos. Take a look and share with anyone that is questioning if they might have been exposed to asbestos in the past. Read it here>>

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As I watch my beautiful bride FIGHT this disease, I need to remember to always be her "bright side" too...
Hugs to anyone who needs one today!

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This is my first boot and my old hood. Jax chewed stitches out and my old hood off. I really don't want to wear them at all. I am a shameless hound.

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See what happens when your bro loves you? You end up on Chloe's lap, hand fed string cheese, because I was a brave boy when a new boot was put on me. This is my 4th boot, and tomorrow I get to go to the vet again.

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I love my brother. I chewed his stitches out of his paw. They put a boot on him, and last night I tore and pulled it off. He screamed with joy.

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We voted today. It's a privilege and pleasure. We have 2 bonds for libraries and I voted for both. I can't wait until this is over with.

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This month marks 6 years since my husband was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. He just had a very nice chest CT and brain MRI. We are so thankful. The Mayo Clinic is amazed. We are, too. Sometimes he seems like a cat with 9 lives.

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