Rain is falling, figuratively and physically. It's been raining for weeks here and this stupid virus is causing quite a cloud over all of us.

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That time of year-- It took over 3 months for my hounds to get used to standard time-----Egads I hate this.

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Tomorrow I will check into that big building at Vanderbilt and enter as myself and exit a week or so later as myself 2.0 newer and improved. Like the 6 million dollar man. That's probably about what the bill will be.
I have my posse with me so we're going to dinner tonight and I'm eating like it's a "last meal" since it will be for a couple months.

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I hope you find something great in this week! There is usually something great and something to be thankful for.

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I hope everyone is having a good week of killing cancer this week.

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I keep getting people that tell me what they did when they had cancer, what drugs they took, what vitamins or juice they drank. I want to scream at them and say "You're NOT me"!

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Good morning all! We hope you're getting a good start to the week!

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Today's blog post has some good information and resources for financial assistance

Lack of money to pay for the never ending expenses is a side effect of cancer that we can't get away from and there's no pill we can take to fix it. Help is what we need. Here are a few resources, and a link to our existing resources page that has tons of places that offer help in different forms for cancer patients.

Today's blog post is here>>
Please share on any of your social platforms that are cancer related.

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Some of us cancer patients might not "look like" a cancer patient, whatever that is supposed to be, but we all fight. Cancer does not look the same on all of us!

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Some random thoughts that run through my mind while waiting for my surgery on Jan 28th. Follow this link to another blog post of ramblings >>

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