Life is short for everyone. Cancer patients are just reminded of it more often. So HAVE fun!

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Another inspiring survivor story. Nicki-6 year survivor of stage IV spindle cell sarcomatoid carcinoma

She is your survivor highlight this week and has shared her complete story from diagnosis through treatments and on to being a 6-year survivor of a rare soft tissue sarcoma cancer of the nasal area. Read her inspiring story here>>

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Having a great time celebrating cancer survivor day at dead and company show one day late. 3 years!

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TODAY is our day! It's National Cancer Survivor's Day!

Did you know that Sunday, June 2, 2019 is OUR DAY? It’s National Cancer Survivors Day®. For the last 32 years, thousands of cancer survivors across the world recognize their cancer history and connect with other survivors. Click the blog link at the top of any page to read our article about it, or just click here>>

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Don't forget that tomorrow is #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay. An opportunity to help reflect and celebrate, and also to help spread the word about the importance of #cancer #survivorship. #IAmASurvivor.
Please click on the Pinboard link at the top of the page and post a picture of yourself, or with your family, pet, whatever you like to celebrate National Cancer Survivor's Day.

All of us at WhatNext celebrate with you!!

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6 year TNBC and thyroid cancer survivor

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Here is a frame for you to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day

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Two time cancer survivor! First colon cancer 5-1/2 years ago, then metastasis to the lung 3 years later. Now I'm feeling great and cancer free!

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Sunday is National Cancer Survivor's Day. STand up and be counted and be proud to be a survivor! Many are not allowed that luxury! Post a picture of yourself on our pinboard to be included in our annual National Cancer Survivor's Day Post.

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Are you a SURVIVOR? We heard a big "cluck." Harold said that a bird had flown into the living room window and was now sitting on my little "whirl-a-gig" made of Dr. Pepper cans. Sure enough, he was recouping, and I was able to capture this picture of him.

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