Every time I hear a particular song, I think of the day I was diagnosed because it was on the radio when I came out of the doctor's office. Now I call it my "cancer song". Do any of you have a song like this?

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I certainly hope so. I'm having a hard time getting up for the next treatment each week.

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How many of you are like both Donna and I and can't do this? I will admit that I was like so many people and took them for granted, now I wish one of them would call me and ask for my help with something.

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Don't get wrapped up in the car you drive and the house you live in. We all end up at the same depth in the ground in the end.

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5 Reasons to Get The Flu Shot - Have you gotten yours yet?

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Do you ever feel like you just need to bug out and be by yourself? Sometimes I just don't feel up to certain appointments or talking with people, or being out anywhere. I just want to be at home, alone, with my miserable thoughts. Then, I'm good to go again.

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Today is Sunday, a day to relax and recuperate, take advantage of it!

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It's time for the obligatory Cher post. Don't forget to "turn back time" tonight!

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We like to offer a little encourage-mint every chance we get.

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