• A way for insurance companies to save money?

    Asked by Jalemans on Wednesday, October 8, 2014

    A way for insurance companies to save money?

    hmm... I was contacted by my health insurance company. They have a department called Integrated Health Management who apparently tries to provide some assistance. (the only people so far & it's the ins co!).

    Anyway, they sent me an Advanced Care Directive Form & included with that is a "DNR". I am still fine at this point so why wouldn't they resuscitate me & it got me thinking... I never heard from them before so a flag must have gone up because of all my bills... (I am always skeptical...) Why would the insurance spend money to help people when they don't have any requirement to do so? hmm a DNR - maybe this is how they curtail their expenses! OK, I am just KIDDING about their motives! It is funny though.

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    • debrajo9's Avatar

      Thanks Shelly and MsMope, It was a very traumatic time all around. Step dad had long periods of complete clearness then it would be gone. I understand the Comfort Care of Hospice and in general, I love the wonderful care. My step dad was under hospice care for 13 months...no one can guess when the anurisum will go. He ended up having a massive heart attack that they did follow the DNR. We expected that. It was the massive pain and suffering the shingles caused him. They were so sure that would bring on his death, but he had shingles in Feb., recovered and went on to live until the end of June. What I can't get out of my head is the huge swatch of erupting blisters from the center of his chest to the spine nearly six inches in width. I'm sorry, they could have and should have treated him...no matter how long they "thought" he had. Best, Debra

      almost 7 years ago
    • MsMope's Avatar

      Debrajo9: I'm so sorry that happened to your stepfather and to you. Shingles is a nasty disease. I saw the awfulness when working in nursing homes. Everyone reading this should ask their doctors and/or pharmacist whether the shingles vaccination is indicated for them. I had mild cases of shingles twice, that history in combination with my age and cancer means the vaccination is indicated for me. I'll be getting it soon.

      They never gave your stepfather medications for pain? They didn't give him medications to limit the scope (spread and duration) of the disease? That's just horrible - and cruel. I'm surprised that shingles would be considered a terminal condition; that it could end his life. Bad cases of shingles can cause people to consider suicide, the pain is that excruciating.

      Again - I'm sorry you are left with such bad memories. That's a painful, heavy weight to carry.


      almost 7 years ago
    • debrajo9's Avatar

      Thanks MsMope. It took me seven whole days to finally get them to get the Acylavier antiviral meds, which was way too late to really help. Took me five days to get them to give him the antiviral steroid cream. No pain meds except his usual "rescue" pain pill for his back ache. Tylenol-3 I think, only when the anurism pressed on his spine, He would get mixed up about asking for meds for his back instead of for the singles. It finally took me treating to bring my shingle meds from home and medicating him myself and a call to Elder Abuse Hotline. But by then it was beginning to go away...just a blood, scabbed over mess he would forget to stop scratching. Sorry for rambling on so...you do need an advocate for yourself and everyone else. People DO fall through the cracks! Dera

      almost 7 years ago

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