• Any one out there know if while in remission you can experience PTSD because of being diagnosed with cancer?

    Asked by Heidi on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Any one out there know if while in remission you can experience PTSD because of being diagnosed with cancer?

    Someone one mentioned that maybe that is what I am experiencing with my nightmares and depression and what not but I thought that you have to go threw a "tramatic" experience to have PTSD.... idk

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    • mspinkladybug's Avatar

      most people due experiance ptsd when treatment is over talk to ur onc or gp about it

      almost 6 years ago
    • SunnyCloud's Avatar

      Thats what they say that most of us go through. Cancer IS traumatic. I know I did. Hope you feel better soon. xoxox

      almost 6 years ago
    • janigirl's Avatar
      janigirl (Best Answer!)

      I finished chemo in march 2011 and radiation in may 2011. I was doing really good until recently the nightmares started. I went into therapy and was told that I am suffering with PTSD. I sailed through treatment so I was completely caught off guard when all this started happening. Good luck to you

      almost 6 years ago
    • Chris' Avatar

      The day before each maintenance treatment I have what I call my pity party - cry all day:( It always reminds me that I do have cancer....

      almost 6 years ago
    • dearestdeb's Avatar

      I didn't call it PTSD...I thought is was more like anxiety attacks. I decided that I couldn't sit in bed awake in the morning because my mind would wander to bad things. I also had to get out the door and do something. I was a stay at home mom and took a job at my kids school for 1/2 days. Keeping busy and purposefully clearing your mind of nightmares can help. Also, I took medication for a while because coming out of the trauma we have experienced is a gradual process.

      almost 6 years ago
    • Heidi's Avatar

      @dearestdeb I agree about it being a gradual process. I think I have a problem grasping the process, I am having nightmares, insomnia, anxiety issues and it seems to just get worse daily putting my farther and farther into this depression. I to am a stay at home mom but mine two and 2 and 4 so they are home with me daily. Luckily I go for my last chemo on Tuesday and I always see the Doc so hopefully he will have some answers for me.

      almost 6 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      IMHO, PTSD has become one of those catch all phrases for what use to be called anxiety. Surviving cancer is certainly a traumatic experience, but PTSD is typically used when that anxiety results in nightmares or flashbacks to a particular event, like a crime, or accident, or act of war. So unless your nightmares are about a specific event (i.e. the moment you received the diagnosis), it is more likely to be anxiety due to the fear of recurrence. It may also be that when you were in treatment, you were so more focused on treatment which put you anxiety on the back burner.

      almost 6 years ago
    • Heidi's Avatar

      Yea not really about the day I was DX more like dieing of cancer. Different events happening around me. hard to explain.

      almost 6 years ago
    • shauna0915's Avatar

      I agree with many of the other responses. I think it sounds more like anxiety, but I'm not a doctor. If you aren't already taking meds for depression or anxiety, maybe your doctor can prescribe something to help you. I don't have cancer, but my dad did. I do, however suffer from other chronic medical conditions which have caused my anxiety and depression, which only got worse when my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

      I hope your doctor is able to help you. Wishing you the best. S~

      almost 6 years ago
    • susie81610's Avatar

      Hi Heidi:
      If I were you I would ask my dr for some xanax that way when you feel those feelings coming on you can take one and it will help with the anxiety also take one before you go to bed at night. I usually take a total of 3 1mg a day but have been on them for 2yrs so you would start lower. I also take an anti depressant which that would take a few weeks to get into your system doesn't work right away.Don't be afraid to take meds that will help. Talk to your Dr with all you are going through life in general is tough enough then throw in cancer on top of it all its no wonder we aren't all nuts. Hope your Dr works with you. Good Luck

      almost 6 years ago

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