• Anybody quit chemo and go a less toxic more natural route. What kind of results?

    Asked by zzmama on Monday, January 30, 2012

    Anybody quit chemo and go a less toxic more natural route. What kind of results?

    Just finished week 7 or 12 Taxol treatments. Scheduled to start adriamycin, cytoxan and fluorouracil after taxol then radiation. Stage 3 with positive sentinel node. Bilateral mastectomy no reconstruction yet due to positive node. Don't know if I want to put all that poison in my body. Anybody have success with diet/natural remedies. I'm considering becoming a chemo dropout and saying no thank you to radiation. It seems crazy to me that all these treatments can be a good thing. Any advice?

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    • NanciHersh's Avatar

      LIke you, I was and am not thrilled about all those toxic chemicals in my body. But here's my take. I have a bilateral mastectomy 8 years ago with reconstruction, then had my ovaries out and did the tamoxifin and arimidex regimen. I take very good care of myself and eat well, exercise, meditate, etc. Well, it came back, go figure. So this time, I did the chemo and radiation but have been under the care of an amazing acupunturist the whole time. In addition to sailing through all the treatments with minimal side effects she is teaching me about stress in the body. So while I thought I was doing the all the right things I learned that there are things I need to change about myself- now I actually am eating meat after 25 years- but it is all organic and grass fed (I needed the protein) and just not taking on so much to cause more stress. It is a process...
      I don't know how old you are but I have children that I want to be around for so I figured I would do the "big guns" but also do the diet natural remedies to make my body as strong as it can be to not only with stand all this chemical stuff but be stronger and live longer. People will give you all kinds of advice and tell you to read up on this amazing thing and that. The bottom line is you have to be informed but do what you are comfortable with. Good luck!

      over 9 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      The poison in your body is cancer. The purpose of chemo drugs is to kill cancer cells. No diet or herbs are going to do that.

      over 9 years ago
    • charku47's Avatar

      I had a double mastectomy and was totally against chemo until they gave me my odds of survival. Stage 3 also and in lymph node.........I have 2 stepsons no biological children but an amazing husband and I love my stepsons and I love life. On top of this I have chronic pain every day from health conditions unrelated but I was 50 when diagnosed with breast cancer. Swore I'd never do chemo but my husband asked me to, he lost his mother to breast cancer. When I started I thought I did the worst thing ever due to side effects but now 2 yrs later I believe I did the right thing. I wasn't supposed to have radiation but then they recommended it, it was my choice. I did that also because I didn't want a reoccurance and then to look back and say "if I would have done that" "it's my fault". As much as I believe in God, God gave man the ability to fight disease, do surgery etc. and I believe I have to do what my oncologist recommends. It's all a personal choice no matter what so it's up to you in the long run. I looked into many holistic approaches previously and I came armed with Suzanne Sommers book about cancer prior to my surgery. Difference is I am not Suzanne Sommers and if she had MY cancer and had introduced estrogen to MY body she'd be dead so we are 2 different people. When her book was written and she had cancer many of the tests they do on us today didn't exist. Maybe if I was stage 0 or 1 I would feel different. Being stage 3 I think I would be very careful and the lymph node involvement I would get even a 2nd opinion before you consider stopping. Your life is worth all of it! Good luck with your decision but make sure you know your odds. There is an end to all the chemo and treatments and your body will start to repair itself. It's what it does best. Try to think of cancer as a poison too.

      over 9 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I have to look at it this way, if a natural herb, spice, or whatever would actually work, the dr's would have been using them for years instead of what they use. Yes they are toxic, strong drugs, probably the worst you will ever have. But it's either that, or die from cancer because of principal. It's your choice of course, I've just seen too many try that route and are not here to talk about it. I've had chemo in two cancer diagnosis, and radiation in two, I'm still here. If I am diagnosed again, shoot me up.

      over 9 years ago
    • MamasLibrary's Avatar

      Hi! I like you wanted to take the natural approach also. I was stage 3B breast cancer, age 28 with one child. I choose bi-lat masectomy and had no lymph nodes, but nodes under my breast bone. I was considering no chemo/rad but the tumors in my chest changed that. Chemo went ok (minior nausea/fatigue), then I got a PET scan which showed NO TUMORS....meaning chemo ate up two 1+ cm tumors! I'd say thats pretty amazing, esp when the Dr's didn't believe they'd be gone. I still am doing radiation because I don't want to take tamoxifen for 5 years (don't like taking meds daily, want to have a kid in a few years etc). I'm also eatting very healthy (as much as our budget allows) lots of fruit /veggies, organic mean, chia, pom, flax etc. In the end its all up to you and your circumstance, but I can say chemo works wonders and I'd do it all over again. Good luck!

      over 9 years ago
    • cranburymom's Avatar

      zz mama, looks like you got many good responses! I agree many people above.
      Interestingly my husband did not want me to go through chemo despite doc's recommendations. It is toxic and I am feeling more than others - maybe because i am japanese and small frame. all meds work too well. but I am glad I am on chemo. even if this is an incremental difference, i feel i am doing right thing..for my kids and for my husband. look at steve jobb 9sp?), he went to alternative medicine, lost precious 9 mos, with the cancer my dad survivied through....my dad had the same cancer 7 years ago, he is still here and well. yes each cancer is different. but i believe he would be still here with us if he took a different path....
      good luck!!!!

      over 9 years ago
    • papayagirl's Avatar

      The question and answers on this topic have been very informative. I have just been told the recommended treatment (chemo, radiation, then taxol for 5-10 years). I had a double mastectomy for one tumor, 2.8 cm, mixed ductile and lobular, ER positive and Heur2 indeterminate. I have been struggling with the recommendation because the treatment is so invasive and I am so afraid of the side effects. However, the odds are in my favor if I do it and life is too precious to me not to give it a try. I will do it with fear but I will do it and hope I can find acceptance along the way. Acceptance and prayer are the keys for me. Take good care of yourself...you are worth it!

      over 9 years ago

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