• Can a woman who is four months pregnant or a three year little girl be around my husband right after he has his first chemo infu?

    Asked by Barb_TX on Friday, January 18, 2013

    Can a woman who is four months pregnant or a three year little girl be around my husband right after he has his first chemo infu?

    Any precautions? This is all very new to us.

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    • nancyjac's Avatar

      Chemo is not contagious. There is no danger to other people being around your husband, but there is a danger of your husband being around other people. Chemo kills white blood cells. White blood cells kill infections. You husband will not be able to fight off infections nearly as well while he is in chemo, so he needs to be very careful around other people who could give him an infection.

      almost 6 years ago
    • Peroll's Avatar

      Nancy is correct that part of chemo is designed to disable the imune system so the part that attacks the cancer can work. Prolonged or close contact with people who are sick is not a good idea (hey that means he should stay out of the hospital as sick people hang out there!). If the pregnant woman of little girl are healthy then being around them is fine. You should also know that mose chemo is cumulative in nature so it and its effects build up over time so the longer he is on chem the more important it is to avoid sick people. If he wants or needs to visit sick people then precautions can be taken. Wear a mask. Be sure any wounds are covered and wash hands frequently. Good Luck!!!!

      almost 6 years ago
    • CarolLHRN's Avatar

      When I was on 5FU and FOLFOX, I was told to use my own bathroom as some of the chemo is passed in your urine and stool. I was more than happy to claim a bathroom for myself going through treatments for rectal cancer and all the side effects!

      almost 6 years ago
    • ticklingcancer's Avatar

      I would speak with your oncologist. With me, they kept a pretty close watch on my WBC counts. They're usually pretty good about letting you know if you need to isolate yourself or not. I'd keep a good supply of hand sanitizer at the house.

      almost 6 years ago
    • TinaJacques' Avatar

      There is no problem being around him unless he is having night sweats, in which case you should not be sharing a bed with him for the first 3 or 4 nights after chemo because some of the drugs can come out in his sweat and you should not be exposed. He should also wipe the toilet seat down with a sanitizing wipe any time he goes pee, has a bowel movement, or vomits, because you can also be exposed to chemo drugs this way. Otherwise, you're safe.

      almost 6 years ago
    • abrub's Avatar

      Let me add that you should probably take precautions when making love, as chemo can be in the fluids. Ask his oncologist.

      almost 6 years ago
    • IKickedIt's Avatar

      I'm curious about the varying opinions on this one. I went through a full course of chemo at a prestigious university hospital with top docs in the country and was never once told that people should avoid me or my bodily fluids. The only thing I needed to be concerned about was if the chemo drug leaked from my portable infusion pump, it could potentially burn my skin.

      I was informed about the risks I faced due to a suppressed immune system, but nothing ever about bodily secretions and they knew that I was a classroom teacher at that time.

      almost 6 years ago
    • gwendolyn's Avatar

      Interesting. I never heard of 2nd hand chemo risk. Does anyone know of a reliable source of information to read more about this?

      almost 6 years ago
    • alivenwell's Avatar

      Somewhere in here I read that we should close the toilet before flushing it since some of the chemo can splash when flushing it. It should be flushed twice like this. I'm often wiping off the toilet with gloves and bought a massive case full of them on Amazon.

      almost 6 years ago
    • HeidiJo's Avatar

      Not sure about chemo and pregnant women or young children, but I do know if he has a PET scan, he cannot be around you or young children, same with radiation.
      You do need to be careful about what your little girl may bring home to your husband. We did a lot of hand washing and wiping down of surfaces.

      almost 6 years ago
    • Lindy's Avatar

      Cancer isn't contagious, chemo is not radioactive. He is the one at risk. It is fine to be with him as long as you and your little girl are not exhibiting a cold or the flu or whatever? When I was on chemo I did go out and about in public but I tried to stay away from anyone coughing or complaining of illness. Judicious hand washing a good safeguard. Live and love through all this.

      almost 6 years ago

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