• Can any one with Melanoma tell me of any treatments that have been successful for them?

    Asked by JudiG on Monday, September 10, 2012

    Can any one with Melanoma tell me of any treatments that have been successful for them?

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    • arashkya's Avatar

      For me personally (and this could be due to my age) I was able to simply do a years worth of interferon injections. Of course I had to undergo the initial surgeries to make sure that most of everything was removed from my body.. but after that it was just injections. And those were done at home!

      It all worked out great for me too. I recovered with minimal side effects, and didn't even lose all of my hair. (though I did lose a large chunk) I'm 4 years remission and simply go and have CTs and MRIs done once a year or so for check-ups. So far it's all been very successful for me!

      over 8 years ago
    • Terri's Avatar

      I am thrilled that interferon worked for somebody!! the only thing that "sort of" worked for me was Yervoy. I had a partial response. I had interferon, IL-2, biochemo, TIL, surgeries. Yervoy was the best for me. Good Luck.

      over 8 years ago
    • MelanomaMama's Avatar

      I expect doctors will recommend your treatments based on the stage of your melanoma. I have struggled with Stage IV melanoma for the past four years and have had four surgeries, radiation to my chest, gamma knife radiation to my brain, plus two types of immunotherapy; interleukin-2 and ipilimumab (also called Yervoy.) I've fought for good quality of life between treatments. I dance, ski, hike, play music, and go tent camping. I'm the author of Melanoma Mama: On Life, Death, and Tent Camping. I wish you all the best.

      over 8 years ago
    • Cricket's Avatar

      I have melanoma that was removed from my arm in march 2011. I found out in June 2012 it had moved to my brain. Two lesions: one removable, one not. The melanoma tested positive for the BRAF gene and I have been taking Zelboraf for over 8 weeks. The remaining tumor has been reduced about 50% in size since June.

      over 8 years ago
    • Dick_K's Avatar

      After having unsuccessful treatment with IL-2, I was able to get into the phase II clinical trial for Zelboraf. While some will argue that Zelboraf is not long lasting, for some it is - I am in my 32nd month on it. For those for which Zelboraf is not long lasting, it could be an avenue to buy time while other trials come up. Good luck on your decision and treatment.

      over 8 years ago
    • StrongSteph's Avatar

      My treatment for stage IV was bio-chemotherapy. I was given 2 immunotherapy drugs (IL-2 & interferon) and 3 chemotherapy drugs at the same time. I had to be hospitalized for the treatment to the toxicity of the drugs. AND I am still here! It was HARD but it worked for me.

      over 8 years ago
    • scottielover's Avatar

      my husband has stage IV melanoma mostly in his chest and lung area. Was on Zelboraf for 8 months worked in the beginning but stopped and turmors started to grow again. Now they want to do Yervoy, we are afraid of the serious side effects, he is 69 years old and was active until recently. I do not know if the side effects from Yervoy are worse for older people who have been strained and stressed so much from the Zelboraf and just knowing you have cancer. The worse side effect from Zelboraf was all the lesions that surfaced on his body and had to be surgically removed. Lost his hair and weight. This all started back in april of 2010 from what we thought was a simple mole on his back. I am so happy to hear that Zelboraf works for some people I hope more and more it is sucessful for a lot of people.

      over 8 years ago
    • daca1964's Avatar

      I did a month of inter feron and then 3 shots a week for the 11 months. Not the best treatment side affects where really bad but with the correct medication along with treatment it worked. I'm a 4 year Stage IIIB Nodular Melanoma survivors. Had a mole on my back that spread to my lymph nodes in my right armpit which the removed with the mole and here I am. Fit as a fiddle now.


      over 7 years ago

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